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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/017419
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Provided is a stripping tool which enables stripping work on a coating member to be smoothly carried out, and which facilitates maintenance of a blade body. A stripping tool 10 comprises: a stripping tool main body 12 provided with a gripping body 22 having a gripping part 22a for gripping coated electric wire; a pressing shaft 14 screwed into the stripping tool main body 12 such that the pressing shaft 14 moves freely backward from and forward toward the gripping body 22; a blade body holding body 16, at a position between the pressing shaft 14 and the gripping body 22, moves backward and forward with respect to the gripping body 22 in conjunction with the backward and forward movement of the pressing shaft 14, and has a blade body holding member 38; and a blade body 18 held by the blade body holding member 38. The blade body 18 is integrally formed of an axial direction cutting blade 18a for cutting along the axial direction of the coating member of the coated electrical wire, and a pair of circumferential direction cutting blades 18b and 18c for cutting along the circumferential direction of the coating member of the coated electrical wire, and which are positioned respectively at the ends of the axial direction cutting blade 18a.

NAGAKI, Takayuki (Ltd. 4-31 Tashiden 3-chome, Daito-sh, Osaka 45, 〒5740045, JP)
IWAMA Tamotsu (Ltd. 4-31 Tashiden 3-chome, Daito-sh, Osaka 45, 〒5740045, JP)
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January 24, 2019
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July 19, 2018
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NAGAKI SEIKI CO., LTD. (4-31, Tashiden 3-chome Daito-sh, Osaka 45, 〒5740045, JP)
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H02G1/12; B26B27/00; B26D3/00; H02G1/02
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OKADA, Masahiro (3rd Floor Iyo Building, 2-21, Minamihonmachi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 54, 〒5410054, JP)
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