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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/050485
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Strut-Pressed Bar to be installed to the suspension of the ear composed of two Moaatmg-Flates cut into round shape with the circular shape hole at the center that is big enough to allow the exposure of the tip of the shock-sbsorber shaft. At the rim, the holes will be drilled at the point that is match to the position of the existing bolt on the top caps of the strut-assembly to be fixed to each other. On top of the Mounting-Plate was welded with the U-shape steel plate with 2 holes drilled at the base of the II and both 2 wings extend through the rim of the mounting plate to round the tip of the shock, absorber-shaft in the middle. The strut-bar made of flat aluminium bar bended into the bird-wing shape or stretch letter M, at both ends were vertically welded with the aluminium plate with 2 holes drilled to be mounted tp the die U-shape on the Mounting-Plates

PHANCHAROEN, Chanapong (453 Soi Charansanitwong 67 Yaek 10, Bangplad, Bangkok, 10700, TH)
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March 14, 2019
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July 31, 2018
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PHANCHAROEN, Chanapong (453 Soi Charansanitwong 67 Yaek 10, Bangplad, Bangkok, 10700, TH)
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B62D21/03; B60G21/055; B62D25/08
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"Online Metal Supply 6061-T6511 Aluminum Flat Bar 1/2'' x 2'' x 36", ONLINE METAL SUPPLY, 13 February 2016 (2016-02-13), XP055581448, Retrieved from the Internet [retrieved on 20181213]
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Cl im f < The Stru -Pressed Bar that the design composed of the Moi iag-Flate ( I ) and the

Strut-Prised Bar (2). of whieh the special feaiore of this claimed des n the Sttut-Pressed Bar (2) tnade of Aluminium fiat bar with thleknes of % m h and 2 or 2 ½ Inches wide bended Into he sha e of a B Wkg or the sitetehed loiter M.

The ie gth o Stmt- ress d Bar (2) will depend on the di l between both side of the str«t~tO' ¾r of the vehicle. At both ends, of the aiu ftmm bar was vertically welded with aluminum plate with 1 holes (3) drilled to be mounted b bolts (6) wlt¾ the 2 holes. (3) at the base of

of s eel plate ent into round sha e with the esrealat hole at the center to allow the exposure of the tip of the strei-shati The li-shape tap £4} that was welded, on top o f the Monnted- Plate (I ) will have both wings to extend through the rim of the Monntkg Plate (I ) to round, the tip of the shoefc~ahsoiher shaft in the middle of the wing, at the rim of the o »ii.«g~l¾te ( f the holes ) were drilled at the poin that matehed to be m unted to dr existing bolt at the eit op the top of the Strut-Assembly,


T«c¾t»ic»l Field

Mechanical auto.mo.tive e»gfn ermg e«neeromg. reinl ireement.oF front aod rear suspension of the vehicle « kg »»¾d Art

The general passenger car .mast hive a 4 ^h l conf g i ns of wh ch the suspension sy sten of each wheel of the car most be installed. The suspension .sys em was d signee! to sup the load of the car transfer to the wheels which attached to the road sorface. The from sus ension of the car composed of the s u assembly which has the coil-spring placed oa top of the shock-absorber car ridie vvhich be m nted with the wheel at the lower end.

The. wheel and the strut-assembly will absor b t h e Impact force froro. the road siuihee to the strut tower of the body of the car. as when a pot-hole or hump on the mad sutfaee Is encountered that generated the impact force which will cause the car body of which part at ached to the strut tower to e fotigued (coieked or bene.

When the vehicle turn felt or right, the car body on the inside of the curve will be risen up due to die uen ibgal three, that eunse reduction to the pressure and eootaet of the wheel to the m d su hhee thus causing: understeeriug or oversteermg leaded to slippery and crashed.

Due to these mentioned problem, there be tatinvention to alleviate the stress of press ortihe top of the sttut^ower bei ieviag that wil 1 i nc reuse stahi hty of the strut-tow er that wi 11 pre vent mtd? rug of the ear body attached to the soau-fnwer and korease m e !irrnly atiaehnren! of the w heel to the road surface;.

For the cootentpor&ry original design, the strut- bar composed of the Mourning Plate (!) made of steeiplate cut into round shape to match with the top pari of the strut tower, the center pari: of the Mi¾mtia Plate ( ! ) was cu to he eirele shape, bi enough to let the tip of the shock absorber shaft to expose at the eeuter. At dre rim of th Mounting Plate (1.), the holes £5} will, he drilled, at the point that can be inserted by die bolt whkh was. f xed to ihe cap of the shock-absorber shaft and mounted together by outs. The Strut-Bar (2) made of metal such as statnless steel carbon steel or atomimi in Sat w round tube shape to be .fixed with the tab (4) welded at the inner rm of the MooMtng Plate fl). According to this design, the tbtee will transfer iifecil to bot opposite side v a the strut bar in horkootal direction that ees nor help to press on the top of the stmt tower which will not trarisier the pressure to ike wheel to kee the wheels firmly contact to the toad surface, OR th curving road swaying left a d right this does: not alleviate the problem of loss of wheel eont¾e to the road sia-faee, Purpos or Objec iv »f ibk im< ti

This new desigo. tor the Stnrt-I¾essed bar is to be uroursted OH top of the sirut-tower to resist twisting of the part of the body attached to the strut tower and create a resist ressure to the wheel when, it was im acted rt warel or downwatd due to the pot-hole m the temp or wa surface of the road ami o ¾¾a the ear ran i nto a curvy road, thai resist essure Will press the wheel to attach firroly to the road: surface.

Brief Deserip hnr of I>t*a w tigs:

Figure (1 | Showing the IJnitedy with Strut Tow¾rs and Stmt Assembly

Figure (2) Showing the Stress aod istiug of the I tbody Wbeo the hee Impacts With a Po hlo!e or a Raised Barnp on the Roa Surface

Figure (3) Showing the laisbr and Lowering of the Imibody Under Stress f om Turning Figure (4) Showing the Original Design of the Strut Bar Configuration

Figure (5) Showatg the Direction o f Fenc e Irarr ler one the Ori gi nal Stmt B ar D esign According to the Direction, of the Strut lower

Figure (§} Showing the Proposed Design of the ISew nd Improved Strut Pressed Bar

Figure (7) Showing tte ife onral Direction of the Transfer of Force According to the Chatrge of the Strut lower

Figure (§1 Showing the Vertical Direction of Force to the Strut T wer Keeping the Pressure on the Stmt 'Tower

Figure (9) Showing the Transfer of Force IMteetlou of She Original So-ut Bar System When- the Vehicle incom rs ¾ Pot Hole or Raised Bump Road Surface Figure (!¾) Showing he Unction of Force ransfer to d e Vehicle Turns Left or Right Fi ure Showing the Direction of d*e Force .T ansfer of the New and iniproeed Strut Pressed ar Design Wk . the Vehicle Imeo oters a Pot I!ble or Raised Bump Road Sur ace

Figure (12): Showing fhe ' ire«lkw of Force hets the Vehicle Turns- Left or Righ

5 0isei « e of tMs liiyeati a

Tli stoat tower I» be installed to the op cap of d e strut-tower o the vehicle by this iuveotion is composed of the Mortnthig Plates (T) made of steel plate cut into round shape to rnaieh with the top part of the strut tower, at the center was cut to e circle shape big enough to allo the tip of the shock absorber shaft to expose at the center ø! " the hole. A d the dm of tbe ounting Plate

10 i !} as drilled to be Mounting Bole <S) with the position: that -.match to he mounted widi the existing Strut Bolt Mounts,. O top of the ount g-Piate (T) was welded with die U»shape iah (4) (Wing Style) made of U-shape steel plate welded at tbe inner rim of the Mootin Plate (1) widt the wmgs of the !J-sbape extend to the opposite side to round die dp of the strai«shftfi in the middle of the ing , and these wings will be the reinferee r^sisting-pnssspte point on to t he ca

I S of the sttnt-roweo At die base of the ILshape tabs (4), there -are "2 boles (3) drilled to be mounted wit the Strut-Pressed bar by hohs(b).

The Stm -Fressed Bar (2) is made of metal sued as aluminum bended Into the shape of bird-wing or die stretched letter M. At both ends was in right angle welded with the aluminum plate with 2 holes (3) drilled to be tnoimted k> e 2 holes (3) at the base of the !Lshape tabs (4) by holts d) (1 on the M ou mg-Flate(i j.

est ade f¾r <¾rj½g t¾¾t

&& mentoned above m the paragraphs of the Dsclosur of the mventioR lb ye installed on ie s s emkm system of a vehcle