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WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/027143
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The present invention concerns an innovative heating device (1) of the soil comprising: - A circulation path (3, 4, 5, 6) for a liquid; - Heating means (2) to raise the temperature of the circulating liquid. The path (3, 4, 5, 6) is a closed-ring path and configured in such a way as to realize a pre-determined height difference (h1) for the circulating liquid. Moreover, the heating means (2) comprising at least one pump (2) interposed along the path to generate a push for the fluid along the path. In this way, the combination between the magnetic field due to the cavitation generated around the rotors of the centrifugal pump (2) and the difference in gravitational potential for the circulating liquid, due to the height difference (hi) of the path, cause a variation of the potential vector summation A∑ and a gradient of said variation such as to produce the heating of the circulating liquid according to Byuon theory. In order to optimize the heating, the height difference (h1) realized by the path is at least equal or superior to 2,4 m, preferably superior to 2,5 m, and, moreover, the section in exit from the centrifugal pump (2) presents a throttling (3) whose diameter (d) is in relation to the diameter (D) of the subsequent part of section (5), according to a ratio 1 < (D2/d2) ≤100 and, preferably, 10 < (D2/d2) ≤ 100, and wherein, further, said diameter (D) is at the same time comprised within a range of values from 7,9 cm to 11 cm.

BAUROV, Yuriy Alexeevich (Kolpakova 36-1-57, Mytischy, Moscow Region 8, 14100, RU)
MENEGUZZO, Francesco (Via Manzoni n. 58, San Miniato, I-56028, IT)
BAUROV, Alexey Yurievich (Lyetnaya 30-1-33, Mytischy, Moscow Region 1, 14102, RU)
BAUROV, Alexandr Yurievich (Kolpakova 36-1-57, Mytischy, Moscow Region 8, 14100, RU)
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Publication Date:
January 07, 2016
Filing Date:
August 09, 2012
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HOTWATER S.R.L. (Via Gioberti 15, San Miniato, I-56024, IT)
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F24J3/08; A01G9/24; F24J3/00; F28D20/00
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TURINI, Laura (Via Lamarmora n. 55, Firenze, I-50121, IT)
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