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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/154140
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A swinging municipal construction warning device, comprising a box body (1) and a base (2); the box body (1) is fixed on the base (2), and rolling wheels (21) are mounted on left and right sides of a bottom portion of the base (2), facilitating the movement of the entire device; a center position of the bottom portion of the base (2) is opened with a concave cavity (22), the concave cavity (22) being internally provided with a locking mechanism that may lock the rolling wheels (21); gears (4) are provided symmetrically on front and rear sides of an inner cavity of the box body (1), the gears (4) being rotatingly connected on an inner cavity wall of the box body (1) by means of a rotary shaft (41), and the rotary shaft (41) being cooperatively connected to swing rods (5), wherein the swing rods (5) are provided with warning flags (51). a rack (6) that is engaged with the gear (4) is provided below the gear (4); horizontal plates (12) are symmetrically fixed on left and right side walls of the inner cavity of the box body (1), second motors (7) being mounted at bottom portions of the horizontal plates (12); output ends of the second motors (7) are connected to round discs (71), the round discs (71) driving and connecting the rack (6).

GAO, Wei (Linzi District Commercial Building 2-409, Zibo, Shandong 0, 255400, CN)
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August 15, 2019
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January 27, 2019
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ZIBO TRICKS EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (Gao Wei, Linzi District Commercial Building 2-409Zibo, Shandong 0, 255400, CN)
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E01F9/608; E01F9/615; E01F9/662; E01F9/673; E01F9/685; E01F9/688
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