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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/159590
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This switch is provided with: a box-like housing; a plunger which is capable of moving in a first direction intersecting with an opening plane; and a movable piece which is disposed inside the housing and which is elastically deformable in a second direction that intersects with the first direction. The plunger has a contact part which is disposed so as to face the movable piece in the second direction within the housing and to be able to elastically deform the movable piece in the second direction by coming into contact therewith. The contact part of the plunger and/or a to-be-contacted part of the movable piece is provided with a lubricant retention part capable of retaining a lubricant.

IZAWA, Kazuhira (2075 Miyoshi Naka-ku, Okayama-sh, Okayama 02, 〒7038502, JP)
SETO, Junichi (2075 Miyoshi Naka-ku, Okayama-sh, Okayama 02, 〒7038502, JP)
NAKA, Mamiko (2075 Miyoshi Naka-ku, Okayama-sh, Okayama 02, 〒7038502, JP)
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Publication Date:
August 22, 2019
Filing Date:
January 17, 2019
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OMRON CORPORATION (801 Minamifudodo-cho, Horikawahigashiiru Shiokoji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-sh, Kyoto 30, 〒6008530, JP)
International Classes:
H01H13/7065; H01H1/26; H01H13/14; H01H13/718
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YAMAO, Norihito et al. (AOYAMA & PARTNERS, Umeda Hankyu Bldg. Office Tower 8-1, Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 17, 〒5300017, JP)
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