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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/124124
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Provided is a syringe needle removal apparatus which, in comparison to conventional needle removal apparatuses, is easy to use as a result of simplifying the steps for separating a syringe needle, makes it possible to reduce the cost of the apparatus, and makes it possible to reduce the amount of medical waste that is discarded. The present invention comprises: a cylindrical outer cylinder detachably attached to a syringe needle accommodation case; a helical track formed in a helical shape on the inner peripheral surface of the outer cylinder; a syringe-holding cylinder which is turned and screwed into the outer cylinder along the helical track; a syringe needle tightening ring which is provided on a lower end section of the syringe-holding cylinder, and which clamps and holds a syringe needle base part of a syringe that is inserted into the syringe-holding cylinder; and a locking mechanism for stopping the syringe holding cylinder while the syringe needle tightening ring is exposed from below the outer cylinder, wherein the syringe needle tightening ring separates the syringe needle base part from a syringe body by turning, and expands the syringe needle base part so as to split the tip thereof by means of a turning force associated with the descending motion of the syringe-holding cylinder, whereby the syringe needle base part is discarded with a syringe needle into the syringe needle accommodation case.

HAGIHIRA Koji (82-1, Gunchikusanbancho, Yatsushiro-sh, Kumamoto 22, 〒8660022, JP)
NAKANISHI Yoshitaka (2-39-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-sh, Kumamoto 55, 〒8608555, JP)
SHIBATA kazuma (2-39-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-sh, Kumamoto 55, 〒8608555, JP)
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Publication Date:
June 27, 2019
Filing Date:
December 07, 2018
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THREE DYNE CO.,LTD. (82-1, Gunchikusanbancho Yatsushiro-sh, Kumamoto 22, 〒8660022, JP)
NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CORPORATION KUMAMOTO UNIVERSITY (2-39-1, Kurokami Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-sh, Kumamoto 55, 〒8608555, JP)
International Classes:
A61M5/32; A61G12/00
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MATSUO Kenichiro (7th Floor, Shinkumi Akasaka Bldg. 10-17, Akasaka 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-sh, Fukuoka 42, 〒8100042, JP)
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