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WIPO Patent Application WO/2010/101406
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The present invention relates to a system for automatically supplying materials for a press, wherein material conveying devices (13)(14)(15)(16) each including a carry-in unit (123) for carrying materials (10) into a mold (M) of the press and a carry-out unit (124) for carrying the pressed (punched) material to the outside, are installed at the respective presses (6)(7)(8)(9) to quickly carry materials (10) in and out prior to and after press work. Auxiliary conveying devices (17)(18)(19) are arranged between the material conveying devices (13)(14)(15)(16) to convey the material carried out by the material conveying devices (13)(14)(15), with or without turning the material upside down, to the material-conveying devices of the subsequent process (next process), to thereby achieve an automatic and high-speed supply of materials. The system of the present invention can be easily installed to fit not only new facilities for mass production but also to a wide variety of installation conditions of the majority of conventional press facilities for mass customization. In addition, the carry-in unit (123) and the carry-out unit (124) installed at each of the material-conveying devices (13)(14)(15)(16) are arranged at both ends of one profile (85) such that the carry-in unit (123) and the carry-out unit (124) reciprocate by respective servo motor and power transmission means. An overlap zone is formed at the profile (85) to enable the carry-in unit (123) and the carry-out unit (124) to pass slightly further from the center of the profile (85), thereby quickly and accurately carrying materials (10) to or from the center of the mold (M). The carry-in unit (123) and the carry-out unit (124) are coupled to the profile (85) via an LM guide to remarkably reduce vibration noise. In addition, a slim profile with a narrow width can be employed to reduce the space occupied by the system and to enable easy installation at the presses (6)(7)(8)(9) without causing interferences or influences.

HAN, Jae Hyeong (101-802, Chilgoklucky-apt.1351-2, Eupnae-don, Buk-gu Daegu 702-850, 702-850, KR)
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September 10, 2010
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March 03, 2010
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HAN, Jae Hyeong (101-802, Chilgoklucky-apt.1351-2, Eupnae-don, Buk-gu Daegu 702-850, 702-850, KR)
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B30B7/00; B21D37/00; B30B7/04; B30B13/00
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PARK, Jung Ho (No.602, Beobmu-bldg.33-10, Beomeo3-dong,Suseong-gu, Daegu 706-744, 706-744, KR)
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