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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/007059
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A table with adjustable stability, comprising table legs (1), a driving device (35), a round hole (11), a table board (2), a first square notch (15), a second square hole (16), limit blocks (19), a second spring (20), a moving board (3), a connecting shell (4), a rotating shaft (5), a rotating shaft support (8), a first gear (9), and a rack (17). If the ground where the table legs (1) are located falls down in the usage process, corresponding intermediate pipe (10) in the table legs (1) moves downwards under the action of a third spring (21), and drives three corresponding clamping blocks (23) to move downwards while moving; after the intermediate pipe (10) moves a certain distance, the upper end faces of the three clamping blocks (23) move to the lower sides of the three limit blocks (19); after the ground is in contact with the intermediate pipe (10) in the table legs (1), the intermediate pipe (10) is squeezed upwards to make the intermediate pipe (10) to move upwards, and the intermediate pipe (10) moves upwards to drive the clamping blocks (23) to move upwards; the upper end faces of the clamping blocks (23) are in contact with the near limit blocks (19) in the moving process, so that the table is in a balanced state.

FANG, Yaqing (No.27, Kanxiang Donglian Village , Yushan Town, Changshu Count, Suzhou Jiangsu 5, 215555, CN)
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Publication Date:
January 10, 2019
Filing Date:
February 07, 2018
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SUZHOU ZHUANCHUANG PHOTOELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (No.2-2 Building, Qing Fang Zhong Lu Xinzhuang Town, Changshu Count, Suzhou Jiangsu 5, 215555, CN)
International Classes:
A47B91/16; A47B91/04
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