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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/143020
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Provided is a tactile-sensation presentation device comprising: a vibration element that presents vibration information; a temperature presentation element that is provided on the vibration element and that presents temperature information on a tactile-sensation presentation surface; and a holding member that holds an operating body such that the contact between the operating body and the tactile-sensation presentation surface is maintained. The holding member is provided with a vibration attenuation unit that attenuates the vibration information propagated to a portion of the operating body held in the holding member, the portion being other than an operation surface that is in contact with the tactile-sensation presentation surface.

SATO, Kunio (1-7, Yukigaya-otsukamachi, Ota-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1458501, JP)
TAKAI, Daisuke (1-7, Yukigaya-otsukamachi, Ota-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1458501, JP)
KAWANA, Yuzuru (1-7, Yukigaya-otsukamachi, Ota-k, Tokyo 01, 〒1458501, JP)
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Publication Date:
August 09, 2018
Filing Date:
January 23, 2018
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ALPS ELECTRIC CO., LTD. (1-7 Yukigaya-otsukamachi, Ota-ku Tokyo, 01, 〒1458501, JP)
International Classes:
G06F3/01; G01K1/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
ITOH, Tadashige et al. (16th Floor, Marunouchi MY PLAZA 1-1, Marunouchi 2-chome, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 05, 〒1000005, JP)
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