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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/093978
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A tapping device for mains supply pipes, serving as a temporary valve that allows water or gas to be directed to the household line from the mains line, containing a tapping device body (1), a pipe drill (2), an O- ring (3), a clamping system (4), a cover (5), and a cover O-ring seal (6).

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May 16, 2019
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November 13, 2017
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F16L47/34; F16L41/06
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1- The present invention is a service TE acting as a sealed that is characterized by containing; the Service TE body (1), the pipe drill (2), the Pipe Piercing Seal O-ring (3), the 5 seconds clamping system (4), the service TE cover (5), and the Cover Seal O-ring (6).

2- It is the Service TE according to claim 1, characterized in that it is comprised of the Service TE Body (1), which allows water or natural gas to be directed to the other side of the mains via the electrofusion method.

3- It is the service TE according to claim 1 , characterized in that it contains the Pipe drill (2), which is rotated in a clockwise direction and performs pipe drilling, reversed at the point where the pipe is turned and forms a double safety system after the mechanical stop after the 1st part tooth finish.

4- It is the service TE according to claim 1 , wherein its characterized in that while Pipe Piercing Sealing O-ring (3); During drilling, the leakage of the water or natural gas flow in the mains connection of the O-ring (3) on the lower part to the service TE body prevents the leakage when the pipe is at the bottom

5- It is the Sealing O-ring according to claim 1 or 4, characterized in that it has temporary valve action.

6- It is the Sealing O-ring according to claim 1 , 4 or 5, characterized in that;

After the pipe has been drilled, the Service TE prevents the leakage on the side of the outlet.

7- It is the Sealing O-ring according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that it can be used as a secondary safety O-ring, when the pipe drill (2) prevents natural gas leakage when it is in any position within the service TE. 8- It is the Service TE Body (1) according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that: The service TE product can be used as a temporary valve by moving the pipe drill downward.

9- It is the service TE according to claim 1 wherein it is characterized in that the service TE contains the service TE cover (5), which serves as a protective polyethylene-made lid used to prevent the interference or contamination of the service TE product.

10- It is the service TE according to claim 1 , wherein it is characterized in that it is comprised of the Cover Sealing O-ring (6), which is used as an extra safety system for the system to prevent a possible leakage.



The use requirement of the product is for household connections. The most important feature of the Service TE product relates to the service TE that serves as a temporary valve and provides 100% waterproofing for the household connection in the mains supply pipes (gas or liquid fluid). In other words, which allows water or gas to be directed to the domestic line from the mains supply line.


The foilowing problems arise in service TEs that are already known in the state of the art.

Not to serve as a valve;

The service TE product cannot prevent leakages at the exit of the product after the pipe has been pierced.

During piercing of the pipe, leakage occurs;

During the movements of the Service TE product on piercing and after piercing, leakage occurs at the cap of the Service TE product.

Difficulties in connecting the clamp to the pipe;

While connecting the Service TE product to the pipe, especially in bolted connection systems, it is not possible to fasten the bolt to the clamp, nor to know how tight the bolts are clamped.

Pressure drop, resulting in the use of a cutting tool with a diameter much smaller than the outlet diameter of the product;

For example, it is the case while the outlet diameter of the Service TE product is 50 mm, the cutting end of the pipe piercing device is 20 mm. In this case, whatever the outlet diameter of your product is, the diameter of the cutting tool is 20 mm, all pressure calculations should be performed according to this situation. DEFINITION OF THE INVENTION

The present invention relates to a service TE serving as a 100% leak-proof temporary valve developed to remove the aforementioned disadvantages and brings new advantages to the related art.

With the inventive product:

Leakage problem during piercing;

Existing service TEs leak during drilling, even though the standard of the service TE product is permissible proportionally. This is extremely dangerous in gas connection lines.

This problem is solved by the fact that the pipe-piercing part of the invention includes a double safety system. Due to this fact, a safer connection system was established. Missing tightening problem;

The existing service TE product was clamped on the pipe during clamping, which is not completely squeezed until the point where it is tightened to the point where it is completely uncertain, and it was done with the experience of the user. As a result, the required welding qualities were adversely affected. This problem was also solved by the five second clamp system, which is contained in the product of the invention. Problems related to the operation of the product in accordance with the subject matter of the invention have been eliminated.

Possible temporary valve action;

Following the pipe cutting process of the existing service TE product, gas or water leakage occurred from the outlet of the service TE. The main line had to be cut when there was any operation on the line.

With the product of the invention, the service TE product, which can serve as a temporary valve, allows the service pipe to be turned counter clockwise without turning off the main line, and the line is cut and blinded. For this process, it was necessary to use a valve together with every product, which means that the need for the additional valves has been removed. Prevention of pressure drop

The outlet diameter of the existing service TE product is much larger than the diameter of the cutting edge of the pipe drill used to drill the pipe. As a result of this situation, a pressure drop occurred in the household water liquid flow. This caused the device to fail because of the lack of sufficient water pressure in high- rise buildings.

In accordance with the invention, at what diameter the outlet is to be used on the service TE product, the diameter of the penetrating pipe, the cutting edge that penetrates the pipe, must be at least the same as the inner diameter of the used pipe, in which case the pressure loss due to the contraction of the cross section of the outlet liquid is also inhibited. Thanks to the service TE, which can serve as a 100% leak-proof temporary valve, this situation is also solved. In the existing products, the diameter of the pipe piercing is between 25-32 mm as standard.

The inventive product provides the following advantages.

Thanks to being one piece and functional; Mounting in a short time in a maximum 5 seconds (sec), Safe and secure, 100% Leak-proof. During urban transformation and line problems; It serves as a temporary valve.

No pressure drop; While the outlet diameter of the service TE is larger than the diameter of the pipe drilling insert causing a pressure drop, the diameter difference is set close to each other and pressure balance is provided. The user benefit is; It ensures that the building liquid flow pressure is brought to the higher floors smoothly with minimum loss.

Safe and Secure; Being safe; the pipe drilling system has a double safety seal, it is secure; The five second clamp system, which is developed without leaving the operator's initiative during assembly, provides safe mounting. Practical and Comfortable; Practicality; It ensures that the installation can be done within a short time of 5 seconds. Comfort; The product is compact and simple to install in tight spaces.

5 Easy installation; Parts of the service TE product serving as a 100% leak-proof temporary valve have a simple and practical structure without any difficulty during pipe assembly in the five second clamp system.

100% leak-proof; In addition to leak-proof, double safety seals, 100% sealing is io ensured with the valve safety system as the last control, so that the structure of the pipe stopper with mechanical stopping and the system can be more secure.

Serving as a valve; There is no leakage of liquid or natural gas at the outlet of the product.

I 5

With this feature, the household connection line is disconnected and blocked due to any problems without interrupting the mains line during the urban transformation. When the problem is solved, or the building is rebuilt, water or natural gas can be supplied again.


The invention product service TE usage requirement is specified as follows:

• 100% leak-proof

• Safe and Secure

• Practical and Comfortable

5 ' Affordable

• Long life and good quality

• Possible temporary valve action

• Easy installation possibility.


0 The embodiments of the present invention, briefly summarized above and discussed in more detail below, can be understood by reference to the exemplary embodiments described in the drawings. It should be noted, however, that the drawings illustrate only the typical embodiments of the invention and that the invention is not therefore to be construed as limiting the scope thereof, as other equally effective embodiments may be allowed.

Figure 1 - Service TE cross-sectional view

Figure 2 - Cross-sectional view of the drilling of the service TE pipe

Figure 3- Retraction cross-sectional view of the drill bit after the drilling of the service TE pipe

Figure 4- Front view of pipe drill

Figure 5 - Service TE lid perspective view

In order to facilitate understanding, identical reference numerals have been used wherever possible to indicate identical elements common to the figures. Shapes are not drawn to scale and can be simplified for clarity. It is contemplated that the elements and features of one embodiment may be beneficially incorporated into other embodiments without further clarification.

Description of Details in Drawings

1. Service TE Body

2. Pipe Drill

3. Pipe Piercing Sealing O-ring

4. Five-second clamping system

5. Service TE Cover


In this detailed disclosure, preferred alternatives to the service TE embodiment that serves as the subject of the invention as a 00% leak-proof temporary valve are disclosed only for the better understanding of the subject, and without any limiting effect.

The use of the inventive product is primarily for problems encountered in the connection of liquid or gas lines to households. The most important feature of the Service TE product is that it is a system that provides a separate line withdrawal separation for household connection in the city mains pipes (gas or liquid fluid).

In other words, a separate line for directing water or gas from the mains line to the household line allows for a withdrawal of the liquid or gas stream without leaking and disconnecting the mains line.


Service TE is the raw material PE100 used in drinking water or natural gas infrastructure systems. It is a pipe fitting that is produced according to the electrofusion welding method.

The mounting steps of the Service TE product are;

On the main line, the place to take out the household connection is marked on the pipe and the marked area is scraped with a pipe scraper. The surface of the scraped area and the inner surface of the service TE product, which is in contact with the pipe, is cleaned with alcohol.

After drying off the alcohol, the service TE product and its clamps are handled easily and practically within the 5 seconds of the 5 second clamping system (4) (Five Second Clamp System) without leaving the attention of the operator who performs this operation and the connection of the TE product and the clamp is carried out smoothly in less than 5 seconds. The service TE product connected to the main line is expected to be welded in the specified welding time with the Ef source (Electrofusion source: source of electric current), and no operation is performed until the anticipated cooling time.

After cooling down, the pipe driller (2) is turned clockwise by inserting a pipe drill bit into the keyhole and drilling the pipe.

Although the pipe driller (2) functions as a temporary valve at the lowest point, it is taken up to the top by turning it clockwise and flow is provided to the household connection line and with this position the pipe driller (2) is added with an O-ring for extra sealing as well as the mechanical stopping. At this point, complete sealing is ensured in the service TE service cover (5). In order to make the system of the present invention safe, the service TE installation is completed by adding a cover sealing O-ring (6) on the service TE cover (5) product.

In case of urban recycling or when there is a problem in the household line, the pipe drill (2) is turned clockwise and the service TE for household connection is shut off and the outlet line of the TE product is temporarily closed. After the building is rebuilt, the water or gas can be supplied to the household line by turning the pipe drill (2) clockwise from the service TE product outlet. Service TE Body (1 ); It is welded to the pipe by the electrofusion method and it provides the direction of water or natural gas in another direction through the mains line.

The pipe drill (2); Turning clockwise, it drills the pipe. The part of the pipe is reversed at the point where it is drilled and constitutes the double safety system after the mechanical endurance of the 1 st part tooth finish.

Pipe Piercing Sealing O-ring (3); While drilling, it helps to prevent the leakage of water or natural gas flow in the O-ring mains connection on the bottom side of the service TE when the pipe drill is at the bottom. The most important task is to be able to temporarily work as a valve. After the pipe has been drilled, the Service TE (1 st piece) is able to prevent leakage at the outlet side.

When the pipe drilling is in any position in the service TE, it serves as a secondary safety O-ring as well as preventing natural gas leakage.

When the pipe drill is in the upper part, fluid passage from the outlet 1 is allowed. By moving the pipe drill up and down, the temporary valve condition of the service TE will be provided. The five seconds clamping system (4); It provides the service TE product to be tightly coupled face to face with the pipe. Due to this, we achieve the desired quality of welding. The most important feature is to remove the operator away during installation.

The service lid (5); It is a polyethylene protective cover that is used to prevent any interference in the service TE product or to prevent contamination.

Cover Sealing O-ring (6); It is used as an extra safety system. It is used to prevent a possible leakage situation.

Service TE Body (1 ); It has the composite structure with resistive wire covered with the Pe 100 raw material injection production system and forms the main body of the product.

The pipe drill (2); It is produced by the injection molding method using POM raw material and stainless pipe and it is a composite structure and becomes ready by attaching the Pipe Piercing Sealing O-ring (3). It is installed by turning clockwise into the service TE frame.

Five Second Clamp System (4): It is produced by the injection method with high mechanical strength plastic raw material and it is locked in the direction of the Arrow by attaching it to the nailed structure on the service TE body. The service TE lid (5); It is produced by the injection method from Pel 00 raw material and the cover sealing O-ring (6) is installed on it by turning it clockwise and mounting it on the body of the service TE to create the final safety sealing system.