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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/009459
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The temperature sensor according to the present invention comprises a sensing member 10, a retention member 30 for securing the sensing member, an optical fiber for irradiating the sensing member with light and for guiding the light reflected from the sensing member, and a cylindrically-shaped sleeve 90 for housing the optical fiber, wherein the retention member is a plate-shaped component and has a notched portion formed on at least one of the periphery of a non-retention surface 30b on the reverse side from the surface securing the sensing member or a side surface, and wherein the retention member is secured to a tip of the sleeve so that the non-retention surface is exposed to the outside, the tip of the sleeve engaged with the notched portion.

TABIRA, Masatoshi (8, Nishino-cho, Higashimukojima, Amagasaki-sh, Hyogo 56, 〒6000856, JP)
SUGIHARA, Masahisa (8, Nishino-cho, Higashimukojima, Amagasaki-sh, Hyogo 56, 〒6000856, JP)
MIZUMA, Yuji (8, Nishino-cho, Higashimukojima, Amagasaki-sh, Hyogo 56, 〒6000856, JP)
YAMAMOTO, Takari (Akasaka Biz Tower 3-1 Akasaka 5-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 25, 〒1076325, JP)
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Publication Date:
January 21, 2016
Filing Date:
July 14, 2014
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MITSUBISHI CABLE INDUSTRIES, LTD. (4-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 03, 〒1008303, JP)
TOKYO ELECTRON LIMITED (3-1 Akasaka 5-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo, 25, 〒1076325, JP)
International Classes:
G01K1/08; G01K11/12
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
MAEDA & PARTNERS (Osaka-Marubeni Bldg.5F, 5-7 Hommachi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 53, 〒5410053, JP)
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