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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/099963
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The invention relates to a technique for drying wet or damp fibres, in particular after a production process. A fibre mat (13) consisting of wet or damp fibres is formed on a treatment band (31) which is moved in a conveying direction (x) by a fibre dryer. An air flow (36, 36a) composed of heated drying air is generated in the fibre dryer (30), the heated drying air is guided in an upward direction through the treatment band (31) and the fibres contained in the fibre mat (13, 14) are loosened and dried. Linters (16) possibly produced by any moving fibres are captured by a filter band (32) arranged above the treatment band (31), which is also moved in the conveying direction (x). At the outlet of the fibre dryer (30), the fibres are detached from a support (17) formed on the filter band (32), in particular when guiding the detached fibres back towards the dried fibres guided to the treatment band (31, 31c). The drying technique comprises a method and a fibre-treatment system.

NIKLAUS, Michael (Schaffhauser Str. 57d, 8472 Seuzach, 8472, CH)
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June 07, 2018
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November 29, 2017
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AUTEFA SOLUTIONS GERMANY GMBH (Paul-Lenz-Str. 1, Friedberg, 86316, DE)
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F26B3/08; F26B17/02; F26B17/04; F26B21/08; F26B21/10
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MORITZ, Ernicke (PATENTANWÄLTE ERNICKE & ERNICKE, Beim Glaspalast 1, Augsburg, 86153, DE)
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