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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/098939
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When the "heat accumulator opening ratio A" is defined as the ratio of the total area of a plurality of flow paths 111c to the whole area of a "heat accumulator end surface" of a heat accumulator 111, the "tube centre width a" is defined as the width of a central portion of the flat shape of each tube 112b in the extension direction, the "tube end width b" is defined as the width of a flat surface h of each tube 112b, the "tube pitch p" is defined as the interval between the plurality of tubes 112b which are arranged in parallel and separated from each other, the "end opening ratio B" is defined as the value of ((p-b)/p), the "centre opening ratio C" is defined as the value of ((p-a)/p), and the "overall opening ratio E" is defined as the value of (A×B), the centre opening ratio C is smaller than the heat accumulator opening ratio A, the tube centre width a is greater than the tube end width b, and the value of (C/E) is 94-111%. Accordingly, a thermoacoustic engine employing a heater which causes the flat surfaces formed at the heat accumulator-side end of each tube to come into contact with the heat accumulator end surface can be provided, which is capable of achieving even greater acoustic energy.

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FUKAYA Noriyuki (1-7 Maruta Ozaki-cho Anjoh-sh, Aichi 04, 〒4460004, JP)
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June 15, 2017
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November 28, 2016
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CENTRAL MOTOR WHEEL CO.,LTD. (1-7 Maruta, Ozaki-cho Anjoh-shi Aichi, 04, 〒4460004, JP)
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F25B9/00; F03G7/00
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HIGUCHI Shunichi (12-7, Aza-Fujigaoka Ooaza-Fujie Higashiura-ch, Chita-gun Aichi 05, 〒4702105, JP)
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