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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/082445
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A thermoelectric conversion device (1) is provided with: a plurality of first electrodes (7); a plurality of thermoelectric conversion elements (5, 6) that are electrically connected, at one ends thereof, to the respective first electrodes; a plurality of second electrodes (8) that are electrically connected to the other ends of the respective thermoelectric conversion elements; a high-temperature medium passage (2) that is connected to the first electrodes; and a low-temperature medium passage (3) that is connected to the second electrodes, wherein a plurality of springs (15) are positioned at parts connected to the first electrodes or the second electrodes within one of the high-temperature medium passage and the low-temperature medium passage, one spring is disposed so as to bias one thermoelectric conversion element, one of the passages is provided with a transmission unit (14) that can transmit the biasing force of one spring to one thermoelectric conversion element, in a part connected to one of the first or second electrodes. Accordingly, a thermoelectric conversion device that can perform efficient conversion between heat and electricity is provided.

NEMOTO, takashi (LTD. 59-2Nakazato 6-Chom, Kiyose-shi Tokyo 03, 〒2040003, JP)
SHIBATA, masayoshi (LTD. 59-2Nakazato 6-Chom, Kiyose-shi Tokyo 03, 〒2040003, JP)
ITO, satoshi (LTD. 59-2Nakazato 6-Chom, Kiyose-shi Tokyo 03, 〒2040003, JP)
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May 02, 2019
Filing Date:
June 28, 2018
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NIPPON THERMOSTAT CO.,LTD. (59-2, Nakazato 6-Chome Kiyose-shi Tokyo, 03, 〒2040003, JP)
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H01L35/30; F25B21/02; H01L35/06; H01L35/32; H02N11/00
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