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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/189939
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The present invention relates to a thermoplastic block copolymer comprising at least one PA block and at least one PB block. The PA block represents a polymer block comprising one or more units of monomer A, and the PB block represents a polymer block comprising one or more units of monomer B, Monomer A is a vinyl, acrylic, diolefm, niirile, dinitrile, acrylonitrile monomer, a monomer with reactive functionality, or a crosslinking monomer. Monomer B is a radically polymerizable triglyceride or mixtures thereof, typically in the form of a plant or animal oil. The present invention aiso relates to a method of preparing a thermoplastic block copolymer or novel thermoplastic statistical copolymers by polymerizing a radically polymerizable monomer with a radically polymerizable triglyceride or mixtures thereof via reversible addition-fragmentation chain-transfer polymerization (RAFT), in the presence of an free radical initiator and a chain transfer agent.

COCHRAN, Eric, W. (615 Shelley Avenue, Ames, IA, 50014, US)
WILLIAMS, Ronald, Christopher (2311 Cottonwood Road, Ames, IA, 50014, US)
HERNANDEZ, Nacu (4611 Mortensen Road, Unit 216Ames, IA, 50014, US)
CASCIONE, Andrew (428 S. Walnut Avenue, Unit 30Ames, IA, 50010, US)
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November 27, 2014
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May 20, 2014
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IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FOUNDATION, INC. (310 Lab Of Mechanics, Ames, IA, 50011-2131, US)
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C08F242/00; C08F293/00; C08L53/00; C08L95/00; C09J153/00; C09J191/00
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GOLDMAN, Michael, L. et al. (LeClairRyan, A Professional Corporation70 Linden Oaks, Suite 21, Rochester NY, 14625, US)
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