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WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/063335
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The invention relates to a tourbillon mechanism (1) for a timepiece including: a tourbillon frame (3) housing a regulator member (11) including a balance (15), a hairspring (13) and an escapement mounted such as to pivot on said frame (3), said frame (3) being arranged such as to rotate about an axis of rotation and including a first pivot (7); a stationary wheel (17) intended for being mounted secured to a case element of said timepiece and arranged such as to mesh with an escapement pinion (18) which said escapement comprises; a frame-driving mobile (21) which is coaxial with said frame (3) and includes a toothed wheel (22) and a hub (23), the frame-driving mobile (21) including a second pivot (25); in which said frame (3) is intended for being pivoted on frame elements of the timepiece between said first pivot (7) and said second pivot (25). According to the invention, said frame (3) and said hub (23) of the frame-driving mobile (21) are rotatably secured together by means of a first non-circular part located on said hub (23) and suitable for interacting with a second complementary non-circular part located on the frame (3).

CANDAUX, David (Rue du Village 24, Le Solliat, CH-1347, CH)
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May 07, 2015
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November 04, 2014
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CHRONOMETRIE FERDINAND BERTHOUD SA (Rue des Moulins 20, Fleurier, CH-2114, CH)
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BURNS, Michael (GLN S.A, Avenue Edouard-Dubois 20, Neuch√Ętel, CH-2000, CH)
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