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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/024546
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A trace-free double-sided rapid cut toothed shears having high and low teeth, comprising: a movable blade (1) and a stationary blade (2), the movable blade and the stationary blade being hinged by means of a pivot (3), and finger rings (4) being provided at tail ends of both the movable blade and the stationary blade; a blade edge of the stationary blade is composed of a plurality of tooth edges of stationary blade teeth (21) that are arranged apart and side by side, a tooth edge of each stationary blade tooth being formed by a horizontal plane (5) and an inclined plane (6) intersecting with each other, and the cutting edge angle of the tooth edge of each stationary blade tooth being 15°-45°; a guiding convex angle (22) is arranged at the edge of the tooth edge of each stationary blade tooth that is near a pivot side respectively; a guiding inclined plane (23) is provided on a surface at which a guiding convex angle is in contact with a blade edge of the movable blade, and the blade edge of the movable blade is guided by the guiding inclined plane so as to close with a tooth edge of a stationary blade tooth, at which the guiding inclined plane is located, so as to cut. The toothed shears do not easily pull hair when cutting hair, and there is little friction during hair cutting such that cutting hair is pleasant, and the toothed shears may sharply cut the hair such that the cross section of the hair is flat.

CHEN, Junhua (Zhangjiagang City Jincheng Scissors Factory, Daxin Village Daxin Town, Zhangjiagan, Suzhou Jiangsu 6, 215636, CN)
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Publication Date:
February 07, 2019
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April 25, 2018
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ZHANGJIAGANG CITY JINCHENG SCISSORS FACTORY (Daxin Village, Daxin Town Zhangjiagang Cit, Suzhou Jiangsu 2, 210032, CN)
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B26B13/06; B26B13/24
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NANJING SUKE PATENT AGENCY LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (HUANG, Chunsong Room 1-210, Xing Huo Chuang Ye Building, No.20 Xinghuo Road, Nanjing New & High Technology Industry Development Zon, Nanjing Jiangsu, 32102, CN)
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