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WIPO Patent Application WO/2008/133288
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Compounds represented by the general formula (1) or pharmacologically acceptable salts thereof; and squalene synthase inhibitors containing the same as the active ingredient: (1) (wherein R1 is phenyl which may be substituted with halogeno, C1-6 alkoxy or the like, or the like; R2a and R2b may be the same or different and are each hydrogen, halogeno, or the like; A is a benzene ring or an aromatic heterocycle; R3a and R3b may be the same or different and are each hydrogen, halogeno, or the like; X is CH2, O, S, or the like; R4a is hydrogen or the like; and R4b is carboxy, carboxy-C1-6 alkyl, or the like). The compounds exhibit squalene synthase inhibiting activity and cholesterol synthesis inhibiting activity and are therefore useful as preventive and/or therapeutic agents for human or mammalian hyperlipemias such as hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia and hypo-HDL cholesterolemia and/or arteriosclerosis.

SUGITA, Kazuyuki (())
杉田 和幸 (())
ITOH, Masao (())
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Publication Date:
November 06, 2008
Filing Date:
April 24, 2008
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DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY, LIMITED (3-5-1, Nihonbashi Honcho Chuo-k, Tokyo 26, 1038426, JP)
第一三共株式会社 (〒26 東京都中央区日本橋本町三丁目5番1号 Tokyo, 1038426, JP)
SUGITA, Kazuyuki (())
杉田 和幸 (())
International Classes:
C07C59/72; A61K31/335; A61K31/38; A61K31/381; A61K31/4155; A61K31/427; A61K31/4353; A61K31/445; A61K31/4523; A61P3/06; A61P9/10; C07C69/736; C07D211/16; C07D257/04; C07D313/10; C07D337/10; C07D405/06; C07D409/06; C07D417/06; C07D491/04; C07D495/04
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Other References:
WEITZBERG M. ET AL.: 'Syntheses and chemistry of some dibenz(c,e)azepines' THE JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY vol. 52, no. 4, 1987, pages 529 - 536, XP002150438
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ISHIBASHI, Koki et al. (LIMITED1-16-13, Kitakasai,Edogawa-k, Tokyo 81, 1340081, JP)
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