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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/040312
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Disclosed is an unmanned aerial vehicle of folding wing-type, comprising a fuselage (1) and arms, wherein the arm comprises a non-folding section (2), a folding mechanism (3) and a foldable section (4); the non-folding section (2) is fixedly connected to the fuselage (1); and the foldable section (4) is movably connected to the non-folding section (2) via the folding mechanism (3). In a folded-wing state, the foldable sections (4) of a plurality of the arms fold inwards opposite each another in pairs. Top ends of the foldable sections (4) abut against each other in pairs, and come into contact with the fuselage (1); or, the foldable sections (4) are stacked up parallel to each other in pairs; or, the foldable sections (4) overlap with each other in a mutually intersecting manner. The above-mentioned structure can make the volume of an unmanned aerial vehicle with folded wings as small as possible, facilitating transportation and delivery, and reducing the collision rate. At the same time, as the arms are folded around the fuselage, the fuselage can be effectively protected, and damage to the fuselage during transportation is reduced.

CHEN, Lechun (Room 201, Building A1 No.999, Gaolang East Road, Binhu Distric, Wuxi Jiangsu 0, 214000, CN)
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March 08, 2018
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November 24, 2016
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DIGITAL EAGLE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT (YANCHENG) CO.,LTD (D6 Block, High-tech industrial zoneYanlong subdistrict office,Yandu Distric, Yancheng Jiangsu 0, 224000, CN)
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B64C27/08; B64C1/30; B64C27/32
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SUNSHINE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD (Room 503, Floor 5Tower A,No. 21, A, Haidian South Road Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Building,Haidian District, Beijing 0, 100080, CN)
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