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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/040625
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A vacuum measuring device which is provided with a grid (10) and an electron source (20) within a vacuum container, and the form of which ion beams (100) pulled out to the outside of the grid are captured and converted into a current signal by an ion collector (40), wherein the grid (10) is a grid-shaped cylindrical body, and an ion emission port (11) thereof is open along the side surface of the grid (10) in an oblong way. Also, a vacuum measuring device using a publicly known ion source or an improved ion source is provided with the first ion collector (40) for capturing specific ions, and a second ion collector (50) for capturing ions other than the specific ions, determines the gas molecular density of the ion source from the combined total current of the first and second ion collectors, and determines the ratio of the gas molecular density of the specific ions to the gas molecular density of the ion source from the rate of the current of the first ion collector (40) accounted for the combined total current. Furthermore, the structures of the first and second ion collectors have been improved.

WATANABE, Fumio (332-2 Onozaki, Tsukuba-sh, Ibaraki 34, 〒3050034, JP)
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Publication Date:
April 07, 2011
Filing Date:
September 28, 2010
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VACLAB INC. (332-2, Onozaki Tsukuba-sh, Ibaraki 34, 〒3050034, JP)
有限会社真空実験室 (〒34 茨城県つくば市小野崎332番地の2 Ibaraki, 〒3050034, JP)
International Classes:
G01L21/32; G01N27/64
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
MORI, Masazumi (9-10, Honcho 2-chome Nakano-ku, Tokyo 12, 〒1640012, JP)
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