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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/049683
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[Problem] To provide a vacuum pump that avoids overvoltage and safely shifts to a regeneration mode, and a motor control device. [Solution] A turbomolecular pump 1 is provided with: a power source unit 4 that converts AC power, acquired from an AC power source, to DC power and that outputs the DC power; and a motor control device 10 that controls a motor 3. The motor control device 10 is provided with: a motor drive circuit 11 that drives the motor 3 by receiving supply of DC power or regenerative power; a reverse current prevention diode 12 disposed between the power source unit 4 and the motor drive circuit 11; a power failure detection circuit 14 that detects a primary-side voltage of the reverse current prevention diode 12; a drive voltage detection circuit 15 that detects a secondary-side voltage of the reverse current prevention diode 12; and a motor control circuit 16 that, when the primary-side voltage descends to a predetermined power failure detection threshold value, determines, on the basis of the voltage difference between the primary-side voltage and the secondary-side voltage, which of a primary-side power failure that is a power failure of the AC power, or a secondary-side power failure that is a power failure of the DC power, has occurred, and controls the motor drive circuit 11 to shift to a regeneration mode.

SATO Kou (1078-1 Yoshihash, Yachiyo-shi Chiba 23, 〒2768523, JP)
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March 14, 2019
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August 24, 2018
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EDWARDS JAPAN LIMITED (1078-1, Yoshihashi Yachiyo-shi Chiba, 23, 〒2768523, JP)
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H02P3/18; F04D19/04; H02P29/028
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