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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/198367
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According to the present invention, a lower portion of an inner peripheral wall 22 formed in a pump housing 15 is closed by a bottom wall 24, and a track-like accommodating space 30 that opens upward is defined. An opening of the accommodation space 30 is closed by an upper plate 27, and a rotor 31 having a vane 33 is installed in the accommodation space 30, whereby a pump chamber 32 is defined. The rotor 31 is rotationally driven in a motor part 3 fixed under the pump housing 15, and air is suctioned and discharged by changing the volume of the pump chamber 32 while placing the tip of the vane 33 in sliding contact with an inner peripheral surface of the accommodation space 30. Joint surfaces between components are eliminated by integrating the bottom wall 24 and the inner peripheral wall 22 with the pump housing 15, and heat dissipation from the rotor 31 and the vane 33, which increase in temperature due to the sliding contact, is promoted.

YAMAMOTO Kouji (Odawara Branch 2480, Kuno, Odawara-sh, Kanagawa 55, 〒2500055, JP)
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November 01, 2018
Filing Date:
April 28, 2017
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MIKUNI CORPORATION (13-11, Sotokanda 6-chome Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 21, 〒1010021, JP)
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F04C29/06; F04B39/00; F04C25/02
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NAGATO, Kanji (5F Hyakuraku Bldg, 8-1 Shinbashi 5-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 04, 〒1050004, JP)
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