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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/151191
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[Problem] To enhance control performance and suppress a refrigerant from leaking to an intake chamber when supplying the refrigerant from a discharge chamber to a control pressure chamber via an air supply path, while preventing inhibition of the movement of a valve body due to foreign substances in the refrigerant, in the case where a branching path is provided which branches from the downstream side of the air supply control valve of the air supply path and communicates with the intake chamber, and a bleed control valve is provided which moves according to the differential pressure between the downstream-side pressure of the air supply control valve and the pressure of the control pressure chamber while allowing a working fluid to flow in the air supply path. [Solution] According to the present invention, a bleed control valve 51 has a valve body 60 comprising: a valve case 62 which is disposed in a valve accommodation space 50 provided in an air supply path 40 so as to be movable in the axial direction thereof, and which changes the communication opening between a control pressure chamber 4 and a branching path 43; and a flange part 63 which is abutted in the axial direction of the valve accommodation space against a shoulder part 52 formed on the inner peripheral wall of the valve accommodation part 50, thereby sealing the gap between the valve case 62 and the inner peripheral wall of the valve accommodation space 50, wherein the valve case 62 covers the branching path 43 in a state in which the flange part 63 is abutted against the shoulder part 52.

MORITA, Yujiro (39, Aza Higashihara, Senda, Kumagaya-shi Saitama 93, 〒3600193, JP)
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August 08, 2019
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January 28, 2019
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VALEO JAPAN CO., LTD. (39 Aza Higashihara, Sendai Kumagaya-sh, Saitama 93, 〒3600193, JP)
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F04B27/18; F16K17/30
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