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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/084837
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A vehicle braking device is provided with: a stroke simulator (12d) for generating a hydraulic pressure corresponding to a brake operation in a hydraulic chamber (12d3), the stroke simulator (12d) having a cylinder part (12d1) and a piston part (12d2) for sliding through the inside of the cylinder part (12d1) in conjunction with a brake operation of a brake pedal (11); a booster mechanism (15) having an input part (15b) directly pressed by the piston part (12d2) or pressed by a spring (12d4) interposed between the input part (15b) and the piston part (12d2) in conjunction with the sliding of the piston part (12d2), and thereby moved in sliding fashion through the inside of the cylinder (15a), and a hydraulic pressure generating part (15d) for generating a first hydraulic pressure corresponding to the movement of the input part (15b) on the basis of the hydraulic pressure of an accumulator (15c1); and a wheel cylinder (WC) for applying a braking force to a vehicle wheel W on the basis of the first hydraulic pressure.

NISHIWAKI, Kunihiro (2-1, Showa-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 88, 〒4488688, JP)
YAMAMOTO, Takayuki (2-1, Showa-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 88, 〒4488688, JP)
HATA, Kyosuke (2-1, Showa-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 88, 〒4488688, JP)
ISHIDA, Yasuhito (2-1, Showa-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 88, 〒4488688, JP)
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Publication Date:
June 02, 2016
Filing Date:
November 25, 2015
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ADVICS CO., LTD. (2-1 Showa-cho, Kariya-shi Aichi, 88, 〒4488688, JP)
International Classes:
B60T13/122; B60T8/17; B60T13/14; B60T17/22
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