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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/049357
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Provided is a vehicle cabin illuminating device in which both a measure for addressing the strength of a pin and a measure for addressing harmful light can be taken. In the vehicle indoor illuminating device, a light guiding rod (25) is provided with: a pin (27) that is inserted in a pin hole bored in a lens so as to position and fix the light guiding rod (25) and the lens; and a thick portion (28) that is provided on the light incident side, in a base end portion (27a) of the pin (27), of light from a light source unit, and that reinforces the pin.

SUZUKI Kazutoshi (3316, Miyayama, Samukawa-mach, Koza-gun Kanagawa 06, 〒2530106, JP)
SAGARA Fumiaki (3316, Miyayama, Samukawa-mach, Koza-gun Kanagawa 06, 〒2530106, JP)
Application Number:
Publication Date:
March 14, 2019
Filing Date:
September 11, 2017
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KASAI KOGYO CO., LTD. (3316, Miyayama Samukawa-mach, Koza-gun Kanagawa 06, 〒2530106, JP)
International Classes:
B60Q3/62; F21V8/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
NAKAMURA Nobuo et al. (Atago Green Hills MORI Tower 27th Floor, 2-5-1 Atag, Minato-ku Tokyo 27, 〒1056227, JP)
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