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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/208573
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Provided is a vehicular seat slide device that comprises a lower rail, an upper rail, a restricting member, a projection, a guide, and a guide contact part. The restricting member is provided on the upper rail and restricts movement of the upper rail in the rear direction relative to the lower rail when the backrest of the seat is inclined forward. The projection protrudes from a bottom wall of the lower rail. The guide guides foreign objects that have entered the lower rail such that the foreign objects move by avoiding the projection. The guide contact part is provided on the guide and can contact the restricting member. The guide and the restricting member are arranged between two sidewalls of the lower rail.

NIHONMATSU, Hideo (1 Asahi-machi 2-chome, Kariya-sh, Aichi 50, 〒4488650, JP)
KOJIMA, Yasuhiro (1 Asahi-machi 2-chome, Kariya-sh, Aichi 50, 〒4488650, JP)
MORITA, Koichi (1 Asahi-machi 2-chome, Kariya-sh, Aichi 50, 〒4488650, JP)
Application Number:
Publication Date:
December 07, 2017
Filing Date:
March 17, 2017
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AISIN SEIKI KABUSHIKI KAISHA (1 Asahi-machi 2-chome, Kariya-shi Aichi, 50, 〒4488650, JP)
International Classes:
B60N2/07; B60N2/90
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
ONDA, Makoto et al. (12-1, Ohmiya-cho 2-chome Gifu-sh, Gifu 31, 〒5008731, JP)
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