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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/114384
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In the present invention, a flat movable element vibrates stably in a configuration in which the number of components is reduced and complications in assembly are avoided. A vibrating actuator (1), provided with: a plate-like body (2) made of a magnetic body having a planar supporting surface (2A); a movable element (4) in partial contact with a plurality of locations on the supporting surface (2A) directly or via a contact (3), the movable element (4) vibrating in a uniaxial direction along the supporting surface (2A); an elastic member (7) that elastically rebounds against the vibration of the movable element (4); and a coil (8) fixed to the plate-like body (2), a coil portion (8A) orthogonal to the uniaxial direction being disposed in a gap between the movable element (4) and the plate-like body (2). The movable element (4) is provided with a magnet (9) for forming a magnetic flux and magnetically attracting the movable element (4) toward the supporting surface (2A), the magnetic flux passing through the coil portion (8A) in the coil (8) in a space bounded on one side by the plate-like body (2).

ISHII Shiori (18-10 Shimura 2-chome, Itabashi-k, Tokyo 50, 〒1748550, JP)
SEGAWA Noboru (18-10 Shimura 2-chome, Itabashi-k, Tokyo 50, 〒1748550, JP)
FUKASAKU Yoshinori (18-10 Shimura 2-chome, Itabashi-k, Tokyo 50, 〒1748550, JP)
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July 21, 2016
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January 15, 2016
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NIDEC COPAL CORPORATION (18-10, Shimura 2-chome Itabashi-k, Tokyo 50, 〒1748550, JP)
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B06B1/04; H02K33/02
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EICHI PATENT & TRADEMARK CORP. et al. (45-13, Sengoku 4-chome Bunkyo-k, Tokyo 11, 〒1120011, JP)
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