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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/073786
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The present invention relates to a vibration-massaging and skin-beautifying device having a constant-temperature heater, wherein, in use, a skin-beautifying device simultaneously having a heating and a vibration-massaging function is joined to the bottom part of a common type of cosmetic container, and wherein the device has a PCT characteristic whereby an electrical-current signal is received as input so as to achieve constant-temperature heating such that overheating of the skin-beautifying device is prevented. The invention comprises: a skin-beautifying main body; an on/off switch which is provided on the outside of the skin-beautifying main body, and interrupts a power source by means of an on/off action; a control unit which controls application of the power source to an electric motor and a constant-temperature heating unit in accordance with the action of the on/off switch; an electric-motor drive unit which is adapted to rotate the electric motor at a fixed speed in accordance with commands from the control unit and so generate vibration of the skin-beautifying main body so as to transmit vibrations to the skin of the user; a constant-temperature heating unit which outputs a control current in accordance with the control by the control unit, such that heat is transmitted to the skin of the user; and a current feedback unit which detects the current being output from the constant-temperature heating unit and sends a voltage control signal to the control unit, and, in an operation linked therewith, induces the control unit to adjust the voltage value output to the constant-temperature heating unit.

HWANG, Cheonghwan (181hangangno 2-ga, yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-777, 140-777, KR)
NAM, Hyeseong (181hangangno 2-ga, yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-777, 140-777, KR)
PARK, Wooram (181hangangno 2-ga, yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-777, 140-777, KR)
LEE, Yoonhee (181hangangno 2-ga, yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-777, 140-777, KR)
KIM, Sohee (181hangangno 2-ga yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-777, Seoul 140-777, 140-777, KR)
LEE, Jeongin (181hangangno 2-ga, yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-777, 140-777, KR)
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Publication Date:
May 15, 2014
Filing Date:
September 27, 2013
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AMOREPACIFIC COPORATION (181Hangangno 2-ga, yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-777, 140-777, KR)
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A61H23/02; A61H39/06; A61N5/06
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WHOANG, Wonteik (3th Youngbldg, 723-28Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-920, 135-920, KR)
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