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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/024229
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A water and air spraying glass brush, relating to the technical field of electric-powered tools for cleaning the home living environment. The water and air spraying glass brush comprises: a brush head (1), a hollow handle (4), a cleaning liquid container (8), a waste liquid collecting container (9), a fan (7), a water pump (6), a motor, a hose (2), a water pipe and electric wire (5), and a control button (3); the brush head (1) is connected to the hollow handle (4) and is connected to the waste liquid collecting container (9) by means of the hose (2); the water pump (6) is connected to the water pipe (5) and a spray nozzle (11) on a brush (10); and the motor is arranged inside the brush head (1) and is connected to the brush (10). When cleaning glass, the control button (3) arranged on the handle (4) is switched on and the water pump (6), the fan (7), and the motor simultaneously start up; the handle (4) is held so that the brush head (1) reaches the glass surface in order to clean the glass, and negative pressure air produced by the fan (7) prevents the cleaning liquid sprayed from the nozzle (11) from being sprayed around the shell of the brush head (1), avoiding contamination of the surrounding objects and environment, and collects the waste liquid produced when cleaning glass in the waste liquid container (9). After cleaning the glass, the control button (3) is adjusted to turn off the water pump (6), and the speed of the fan (7) is adjusted, water marks left on the glass surface after cleaning being entirely removed by aerodynamic force, so that the glass is clean and bright. The present invention is structurally simple, easy to operate, time-saving and labour-saving, and applies the principles of aerodynamics to clean and wipe the glass in one action.

LIU, Jianji (No.19, Yannan Four Road Yanta District, Xi'an Shaanxi 1, 710061, CN)
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February 08, 2018
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August 03, 2017
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LIU, Jianji (No.19, Yannan Four Road Yanta District, Xi'an Shaanxi 1, 710061, CN)
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