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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/131758
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A wheel loader is provided which can raise a lift arm in a short time during an excavation operation. This wheel loader 1 is provided with an engine 3, a travel drive device 4, a variable capacity hydraulic pump 43 for a work machine, and a front work machine 2, and is provided with a pedal depression amount detector 70, a forward/backward travel switch 124, a pressure detector 73, and a controller 5 which controls the maximum traction force of the wheel loader 1 and the input torque of the work machine hydraulic pump 43. The controller 5 includes a specific condition determination unit 52A which determines whether or not a specific condition for specifying an excavation operation is satisfied, an elapsed time measurement unit 53 which measures the time elapsed from the excavation operation start time, and an input torque control unit 54B. When the specific condition has been satisfied, the input torque control unit 54B limits the input torque to a first input torque value Tp1, and, once a second set time ST2 has elapsed from the elapsing of the first set time ST1, increases the input torque from the first input torque value Tp1.

HYODO Koji (2680 Oka, Inami-cho, Kako-gu, Hyogo 13, 〒6751113, JP)
TANAKA Tetsuji (2680 Oka, Inami-cho, Kako-gu, Hyogo 13, 〒6751113, JP)
AOKI Isamu (2680 Oka, Inami-cho, Kako-gu, Hyogo 13, 〒6751113, JP)
SHIMAZAKI Kouji (2680 Oka, Inami-cho, Kako-gu, Hyogo 13, 〒6751113, JP)
KAMIYA Jumpei (2680 Oka, Inami-cho, Kako-gu, Hyogo 13, 〒6751113, JP)
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July 04, 2019
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December 26, 2018
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KCM CORPORATION (2680, Oka Inami-cho, Kako-gu, Hyogo 13, 〒6751113, JP)
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E02F9/22; E02F9/20; F16H59/50; F16H61/02
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THE PATENT BODY CORPORATE TAKEWA INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE (UNIZO Nishishimbashi 3-chome Bldg, 13-3 Nishishimbashi 3-chome, Minato-k, Tokyo 03, 〒1050003, JP)
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