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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/053390
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An actuating system (110) for a window shade includes a fixed support shaft (118), a rotary drum (120) pivotally connected with the support shaft, the rotary drum being rotatable for winding or unwinding a shading structure (104), and a limiting mechanism (124) disposed inside the rotary drum and including a threaded portion (160) provided on the support shaft, a stop portion (162), a limiting part (164), and a follower (166) engaged with the threaded portion, the stop portion and the limiting part being respectively disposed adjacent to a first and a second end of the threaded portion, and the follower being rotationally coupled to and slidable relative to the rotary drum. The rotary drum is rotatable in a first direction to drive the follower to slide toward a first position for engagement with the limiting part, and in an opposite second direction to drive the follower to slide toward a second position for engagement with the stop portion. The invention comprises also a window shade with a limiting mechanism with an unlocking state in which the drum is rotatable in both directions and a locked state preventing rotation of the drum in the winding up direction of the shading structure.

HUANG, Chin-Tien (1 & 36, Lane 338 Sidong Road, Sansia Distric, New Taipei City ., 23743, TW)
HUANG, Chien-Lan (1-36, Lane 338 Sidong Road, Sansia Distric, New Taipei City ., 23743, TW)
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April 26, 2018
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September 18, 2017
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TEH YOR CO., LTD. (129 2nd Floor, Chung Shan N. Road Sec., Taipei ., 10418, TW)
HUANG, Chien-Fong (770 S. Epperson Drive, City of Industry, CA, 91748, US)
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E06B9/60; E06B9/24; E06B9/322
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ROCHE, David, I. (Baker & McKenzie LLP, 300 E. Randolph StreetChicago, IL, 60601, US)
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