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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/203578
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The purpose of the present invention is to provide a work device with which the maximum value of force acting on an object being worked does not change even when the size of the object changes, and which does not give rise to force in excess of a prescribed value. The work device is provided at a minimum with a first member (1) and a second member (2), at least one of which is moveable, and with a working part (3) operated through movement of the first member (1) or the second member (2). Either the first member (1) or the second member (2) is furnished with mobility-inducing parts (4) and mobile contact parts (5), while the other is furnished with contact receiving parts (6). When the operation resistance of the working part (3) reaches a predetermined value, the mobile contact parts (5), which due to deformation of the mobility-inducing parts (4) have become moveable in a different direction from the direction of motion prior to contact, come into contact with the contact receiving parts (6), and while the mobile contact parts (5) and the contact receiving parts (6) are in a state of contact, additional force applied to the first member (1) or the second member (2) is not transmitted to the working part (3).

NASHIMOTO Toshiharu (945-15, Kaneko-shinden-Otsu, Sanjo-sh, Niigata 14, 〒9550814, JP)
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December 24, 2014
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March 25, 2014
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NASHIMOTO INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. (945-15, Kaneko-shinden-Otsu Sanjo-sh, Niigata 14, 〒9550814, JP)
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B25B5/02; B25B7/12; F16B2/08; F16C1/00; F16C1/14
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See also references of EP 3012070A4
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YOSHII Takeshi et al. (5-8 Johnai-cho 3-chome, Nagaoka-shi Niigata, 61, 〒9400061, JP)
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