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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/171589
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This work machine comprises: an engine; a work unit driven by the engine; and a control unit for controlling the engine. The control unit comprises: a storage unit in which stoppage information indicating a reason for stoppage of the engine is stored when the engine has stopped; a decision unit which, upon request for restarting the engine, decides whether the reason indicated by the stoppage information stored in the storage unit is a reason concerning locking of the work unit; and a setting unit which, if the decision unit has decided that the reason indicated by the stoppage information is a reason concerning the locking of the work unit, sets the operation mode for the engine and the work unit to a safe mode. The safe mode is an operation mode for reducing damage caused by allowing the engine and the work unit to operate when the work unit is locked, and damage caused by the work unit coming into contact with an obstacle when the engine and the work unit are operating.

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KURIYAGAWA, Koji (4-1, Chuo 1-chome, Wako-sh, Saitama 93, 〒3510193, JP)
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Publication Date:
September 12, 2019
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March 09, 2018
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HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. (1-1 Minami-Aoyama 2-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo, 56, 〒1078556, JP)
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A01D34/68; A01B33/00; E01H5/04
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OHTSUKA, Yasunori et al. (7th Fl, Kioicho Park Bldg. 3-6, Kioicho, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 94, 〒1020094, JP)
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