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Patent Searching and Data



Dentistry machines and cutting
Dental articulators
Dental prostheses
Means to be fixed to the jaw-bone for consolidating natural teeth or for fixing dental prostheses thereon
Impression cups
Veterinary instruments, implements, tools, or methods
Methods or devices for treatment of the ears, e.g. surgical
Bandages or dressings
Auxiliary appliances for wound dressings
Filters implantable into blood vessels
Orthopaedic methods or devices for non-surgical treatment of bones or joints
Contraceptive devices
Heating or cooling appliances for medical or therapeutic treatment of the human body
Treatment rooms for medical purposes
Trolleys for transport of medicaments or food
Operating tables
Operating chairs
Ambulance aspects of vehicles
Chairs or personal conveyances specially adapted for patients or disabled persons, e.g. wheelchairs
Bed-pans, urinals or other sanitary devices for bed-ridden persons
Apparatus for passive exercising
Massage by means of rollers, balls, e.g. inflatable, chains, or roller chains
Massage of the genitals
Percussion or vibration massage, e.g. using supersonic vibration
Appliances for aiding patients or disabled persons to walk about
Artificial respiration or heart stimulation
Bathing devices for special therapeutic or hygienic purposes
Baths for specific parts of the body, e.g. breast douches
Accessories for massage
Devices for locating or stimulating specific reflex points of the body for physical therapy, e.g. acupuncture
Exercisers for the eyes
Devices for suction-kneading massage
Pneumatic or hydraulic massage
Containers specially adapted for medical or pharmaceutical purposes
Feeding-tubes for therapeutic purposes
Baby comforters
Devices or methods specially adapted for bringing pharmaceutical products into particular physical or administering forms
Devices for administering medicines orally, e.g. spoons
Feeding-bottles in general
Medicinal preparations containing organic active ingredients
Medicinal preparations containing peptides
Medicinal preparations obtained by treating materials with wave energy or particle radiation
Medicinal preparations containing active ingredients
Preparations containing radioactive substances for use in therapy or testing in vivo
Devices for cleaning between the teeth
Devices for cleaning, polishing, rinsing or drying teeth, teeth cavities or prostheses
Dental auxiliary appliances
Dental tools or instruments
Filling or capping teeth
Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations
Methods specially adapted for refuse
Methods or apparatus for disinfecting or sterilising contact lenses
Chemical aspects of, or use of materials for, bandages, dressings or absorbent pads
Materials for surgical sutures or for ligaturing blood vessels
Methods or apparatus for disinfecting or sterilising materials or objects other than foodstuffs or contact lenses
Chemical aspects of, or use of materials for, liquid bandages
Materials for prostheses or for coating prostheses
Materials for catheters or for coating catheters
Antithrombogenic treatment of surgical articles, e.g. sutures, catheters, prostheses, or of articles for the manipulation or conditioning of blood
Disinfection, sterilisation or deodorisation of air
Suction or pumping devices for medical purposes
Sprayers or atomisers specially adapted for therapeutic purposes
Insufflators for therapeutic or disinfectant purposes
Other devices or methods to cause a change in the state of consciousness
Drainage appliances for wounds, or the like
Dilators with or without means for introducing media, e.g. remedies
Medical syringes, e.g. enemata
Devices for introducing or retaining media, e.g. remedies, in cavities of the body
Devices for applying media, e.g. remedies, on the human body
Applying radioactive material to the body
Other apparatus for introducing media into the body
Tubes, tube connectors, tube couplings, valves, access sites or the like, specially adapted for medical use
Radiation therapy
Ultrasound therapy
Drugs for disorders of the alimentary tract or the digestive system
Drugs for disorders of the urinary system
Drugs for genital or sexual disorders
Drugs for dermatological disorders
Drugs for disorders of the muscular or neuromuscular system
Drugs for disorders of the nervous system
Drugs for disorders of the senses
Non-central analgesic, antipyretic or antiinflammatory agents, e.g antirheumatic agents
Antiparasitic agents
Antineoplastic agents
General protective or antinoxious agents
Drugs used in surgical methods, e.g. surgery adjuvants for preventing adhesion or for vitreum substitution
Drugs for specific purposes
Drugs for disorders of the endocrine system
Drugs for disorders of the blood or the extracellular fluid
Drugs for disorders of the cardiovascular system
Formulations or additives for perfume preparations
Anti-perspirants or body deodorants
Barrier preparations
Manicure or pedicure preparations
Preparations for care of the hair
Preparations for affecting hair growth
Preparations for removing hair or for aiding hair removal