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Movement of Objects

Loose masses of small articles, in individual containers or receptacles, e.g. bags, sacks, boxes, cartons, cans, jars
Wrapping, e.g. partially or wholly enclosing, articles, or quantities of material, in strips, sheets, or blanks, of flexible material
Bundling articles
Packaging rod-shaped or tubular articles susceptible to damage by abrasion or pressure, e.g. cigarettes, cigars, macaroni, spaghetti, drinking straws, welding electrodes
Packaging or unpacking of bottles
Packaging other articles presenting special problems
Bundling particular articles presenting special problems using string, wire, or narrow tape or band
Packaging of materials presenting special problems
Packaging plastic material, semiliquids, liquids, or mixed solids and liquids, in individual containers or receptacles, e.g. bags, sacks, boxes, cartons, cans, jars
Packaging articles or materials under special atmospheric or gaseous conditions
Supplying, feeding, arranging, or orientating articles to be packaged
Supplying or feeding fluent-solid, plastic, or liquid material, or loose masses of small articles, to be packaged
Nozzles, funnels, or guides for introducing articles or materials into containers or wrappers
Supplying or feeding container-forming sheets or wrapping material
Forming, feeding, opening, or setting-up containers or receptacles in association with packaging
Apparatus or devices for forming pockets or receptacles in or from sheets, blanks, or webs, comprising essentially a die into which the material is pressed or a folding die through which the material is moved
Packaging individual articles in containers or receptacles, e.g. bags, sacks, boxes, cartons, cans, jars
Devices for, or methods of, sealing or securing package folds or closures, e.g. twisted bag necks
Shrinking wrappers, containers, container covers or container cover securing members during or after packaging
Preserving, protecting, or purifying packages or package contents in association with packaging
Automatic control, checking, warning, or safety devices
Arrangements to enable machines to handle articles of different sizes, to produce packages of different sizes, to vary the contents of packages, or to give access for cleaning or maintenance purposes
Auxiliary devices, not otherwise provided for, for operating on sheets, blanks, webs, binding material, containers or packages
Auxiliary devices, not otherwise provided for, for operating on articles or materials to be packaged
Details peculiar to packaging machines and not otherwise provided for
Apparatus or devices facilitating manual packaging operations
Unpacking of articles or materials, not otherwise provided for
Closing containers or receptacles after filling
Enclosing successive articles, or quantities of material, e.g. liquids or semiliquids, in flat, folded, or tubular webs of flexible sheet material
Labelling or tagging machines, apparatus, or processes
Containers having bodies formed in one piece, e.g. by casting metallic material, by moulding plastics, by blowing vitreous material, by throwing ceramic material, by moulding pulped fibrous material, by deep-drawing operations performed on sheet material
Containers specially constructed to be opened by cutting or piercing, or by tearing of frangible member or portion
Pallets or like platforms, with or without side walls, for supporting loads to be lifted or lowered
Nestable, stackable, or joinable containers
Details of bottles or jars not otherwise provided for
Details of other kinds or types of rigid or semi-rigid containers
Envelopes or like essentially-rectangular containers for postal or other purposes having no structural provision for thickness of contents
Containers having bodies or peripheral walls of curved or partially-curved cross-section made by winding or bending paper without folding along defined lines
Sacks, bags or like containers
Details of, or accessories for, sacks or bags
Pliable tubular containers adapted to be permanently deformed to expel contents, e.g. collapsible tubes for toothpaste or other plastic or semi-liquid material
Closures arranged within necks or pouring openings or in discharge apertures, e.g. stoppers
Caps, e.g. crown caps, crown seals
Lids or covers for rigid or semi-rigid containers
Clamping or other pressure-applying devices for securing or retaining closure members
Closures with filling and discharging, or with discharging, devices
Arrangements or devices for preventing refilling of containers
Containers of polygonal cross-section, e.g. boxes, cartons, trays, formed by folding or erecting one or more blanks made of paper
Closures with means for discouraging unauthorised opening or removal thereof, with or without indicating means, e.g. child-proof closures
Closures not otherwise provided for
Sealing or packing elements
Accessories for container closures not otherwise provided for
Plugs, sleeves, caps, or like rigid or semi-rigid elements for protecting parts of articles or for bundling articles, e.g. protectors for screw-threads, corner protectors, end caps for tubes or for bundling rod-shaped articles
Containers having bodies formed by interconnecting or uniting two or more rigid, or substantially rigid, components made wholly or mainly of metal, plastics, wood or substitutes therefor
Flexible elongated elements, e.g straps, for bundling or supporting articles
Wrappers or flexible covers
Articles joined together for convenience of storage or transport without the use of packaging elements
Bundles of articles held together by packaging elements for convenience of storage or transport, e.g. portable segregating carrier for plural receptacles such as beer cans, pop bottles
Packages comprising articles attached to cards, sheets, or webs
Packages comprising articles or materials partially or wholly enclosed in strips, sheets, blanks, tubes, or webs of flexible sheet material, e.g. in folded wrappers
Kinds or details of packages, not otherwise provided for
Containers having a curved cross-section formed by interconnecting or uniting two or more rigid, or substantially rigid, components made wholly or mainly of metal, plastics, wood or substitutes therefor
Containers, packaging elements, or packages, for contents presenting particular transport or storage problems, or adapted to be used for non-packaging purposes after removal of contents
Component parts, details or accessories for large containers
Storing articles, individually or in orderly arrangement, in warehouses or magazines
Conveyers having endless load-conveying surfaces
Conveyers having an endless traction element, e.g. a chain, transmitting movement to a continuous or substantially-continuous load-carrying surface or to a series of individual load-carriers
Conveyers comprising an impeller or a series of impellers carried by an endless traction element and arranged to move articles or materials over a supporting surface or underlying material, e.g. endless scraper conveyers
Supporting or protective framework or housings for endless load-carriers or traction elements of belt or chain conveyers
Driving gear for endless conveyers
Conveyers comprising a cyclically-moving, e.g. reciprocating, carrier or impeller which is disengaged from the load during the return part of its movement
Jigging conveyers
Rotary conveyers, e.g. rotating discs, arms, star-wheels, cones
Screw or rotary spiral conveyers
Mechanical conveyers not otherwise provided for
Combinations of mechanical conveyers of the same kind, or of different kinds, of interest apart from their application in particular machines or use in particular manufacturing processes
Rollers, e.g. drive rollers, or arrangements thereof incorporated in roller-ways or other types of mechanical conveyers
Control, e.g. safety, warning, fault-correcting, devices
Lubricating, cleaning, or clearing devices
Article or material-handling devices associated with conveyers
Conveying systems characterised by their application for specified purposes not otherwise provided for
Conveying articles through pipes or tubes by fluid flow or pressure
Conveying materials in bulk through troughs, pipes, or tubes by floating the materials, or by flow of gas, liquid, or foam
Stacking of articles
De-stacking of articles
Use of pick-up or transfer devices or of manipulators for stacking or de-stacking articles not otherwise provided for
Transferring or trans-shipping at storage areas, railway yards or harbours
Loading or unloading
Loading or unloading vehicles
Auxiliary measures taken, or devices used, in connection with loading or unloading
Devices for moving or tilting heavy loads
Supports or magazines for piles from which articles are to be separated
Overturning articles
Unwinding, paying-out webs
Winding webs
Changing the web roll
Advancing webs
Registering, tensioning, smoothing, or guiding webs
Warning or safety devices, e.g. automatic fault detectors, stop-motions, for web-advancing mechanisms
Special constructions of feed or guide rollers or surfaces thereof
Delivering or advancing articles from machines
Separating articles from piles
Pile receivers
Forming counted batches in delivery pile or stream of articles
Delivering articles from cutting or line-perforating machines
Article or web delivery apparatus incorporating devices for performing specified auxiliary operations
Associating, collating, or gathering articles or webs
Use of control, checking, or safety devices, e.g. automatic devices comprising an element for sensing a variable
Folding thin material
Unwinding or paying-out filamentary material
Feeding articles separated from piles
Forwarding filamentary material
Winding, coiling, or depositing filamentary material
Wound packages of filamentary material
Guides for filamentary materials
Adjusting or controlling tension in filamentary material, e.g. for preventing snarling
Warning or safety devices, e.g. automatic fault detectors, stop-motions
Replacing or removing cores, receptacles, or completed packages at paying-out, winding, or depositing stations
Methods of, or devices for, interconnecting successive lengths of material
Controlling article feeding, separating, pile-advancing, or associated apparatus, to take account of incorrect feeding, absence of articles, or presence of faulty articles
Storing webs, tapes, or filamentary material, e.g. on reels
Methods, apparatus, or devices for covering or wrapping cores by winding webs, tapes, or filamentary material, not otherwise provided for
Registering, e.g. orientating, articles


Control systems of elevators in general
Main component parts of lifts in, or associated with, buildings or other structures
Doors, gates, or other apparatus controlling access to, or exit from, cages or lift-well landings
Kinds or types of escalators or moving walkways
Component parts of escalators or moving walkways
Safety devices of escalators or moving walkways
Applications of devices for indicating or signalling operating conditions
Applications of checking, fault-correcting, or safety devices
Other common features of elevators
Kinds or types of lift in, or associated with, buildings or other structures
Capstans; Winches; Tackles, e.g. pulley blocks; Hoists