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Maniupulation of Paper

Using a press ram, characterised by the features of the drive therefor, pressure being transmitted directly to the press ram or platen
Presses specially adapted for forming shaped articles from material in particulate or plastic state, e.g. briquetting presses, tabletting presses
Details of, or accessories for, presses
Presses characterised by the use of pressing means other than those mentioned in groups B30B 1/00 and B30B 3/00
Presses specially adapted for particular purposes


Making wound articles, e.g. wound tubes
Making other paper articles
Mechanical working or deformation of paper or cardboard


Layered products essentially having a general shape other than plane
Layered products essentially comprising a water-setting substance, e.g. concrete, plaster, asbestos cement, or like builders' material
Layered products essentially comprising metal
Layered products essentially comprising sheet glass, or fibres of glass, slag or the like
Layered products essentially comprising ceramics, e.g. refractory products
Layered products essentially comprising natural mineral fibres or particles, e.g. asbestos, mica
Layered products essentially comprising wood, e.g. wood board, veneer, wood particle board
Layered products essentially comprising cellulosic plastic substances
Layered products essentially comprising natural or synthetic rubber
Layered products essentially comprising synthetic resin
Layered products essentially comprising paper or cardboard
Layered products essentially comprising a layer with external or internal discontinuities or unevennesses, or a layer of non-planar form
Layered products characterised by particular properties or particular surface features, e.g. particular surface coatings
Methods or apparatus for laminating, e.g. by curing or by ultrasonic bonding
Ancillary operations in connection with laminating processes
Layered products characterised by the non-homogeneity or physical structure of a layer
Layered products essentially comprising a particular substance not covered by groups B32B 11/00-B32B 29/00

Subsection: PRINTING


Machines or accessories for making, setting, or distributing type; Type; Photographic or photoelectronic composing devices
Processes for the manufacture or reproduction of printing surfaces
Apparatus for the mechanical reproduction of printing surfaces for stereotype printing; Shaping elastic or deformable material to form printing surfaces
Common details of rotary presses or machines
Screen printers
Transfer printing apparatus
Printing apparatus or machines of special types or for particular purposes, not otherwise provided for
Apparatus or machines for carrying out printing operations combined with other operations
Devices for conveying sheets through printing apparatus or machines
Devices for treating the surfaces of sheets, webs, or other articles in connection with printing
Devices for attaching printing elements or formes to supports
Devices for attaching coverings or make-ready devices
Inking arrangements or devices
Indicating, counting, warning, control, or safety devices
Cleaning arrangements or devices
Rotary letterpress machines
Rotary lithographic machines
Rotary intaglio printing presses
Apparatus for bronze printing, line printing, or for bordering or edging sheets or like articles; Auxiliary apparatus for perforating in conjunction with printing
Devices or arrangements for supporting or handling copy material in sheet or web form
Devices or arrangements specially adapted for supporting or handling copy material in short lengths, e.g. sheets
Devices or arrangements specially adapted for supporting or handling copy material in continuous form, e.g. webs
Mechanisms for manipulating page-width impression-transfer material, e.g. carbon paper
Character- or line-spacing mechanisms
Typewriters or selective printing mechanisms characterised by the printing or marking process for which they are designed
Actions or mechanisms not otherwise provided for
Details of, or accessories for, typewriters or selective printing mechanisms not otherwise provided for
Typewriters or selective printing or marking mechanisms characterised by the purpose for which they are constructed
Ink ribbons
Apparatus or arrangements for feeding ink ribbons or like character-size impression-transfer material
Other apparatus or arrangements associated with, or incorporated in, ink-ribbon mechanisms
Devices or arrangements for controlling character selection
Stamps; Stamping or numbering apparatus or devices
Apparatus or devices for manifolding, duplicating, or printing for office or other commercial purposes; Addressing machines or like seriesprinting machines
Inking and printing with a printer's forme
Printing processes to produce particular kinds of printed work, e.g. patterns
Duplicating or marking methods
After-treatment of printed works, e.g. heating, irradiating
Printing plates or foils; Materials for surfaces used in printing machines for printing, inking, damping, or the like; Preparing such surfaces for use or conserving them


Permanently attaching together sheets, quires, or signatures, or permanently attaching objects thereto
Books or other bound products
Printed matter of special format or style not otherwise provided for
Book covers
Sheets united without binding to form pads or blocks
Sheets temporarily attached together; Filing appliances; File cards; Indexing


Articles for writing or drawing upon; Accessories for writing or drawing
Bureau accessories not otherwise provided for


Machines, apparatus, or tools for artistic work, e.g. for sculpturing, guilloching, carving, branding, inlaying
Processes, not specifically provided for elsewhere, for producing decorative surface effects
Processes, not specifically provided for elsewhere, for producing ornamental structures
Processes for producing special ornamental bodies
Painting or artistic drawing, not otherwise provided for; Preserving paintings; Surface treatment to obtain special artistic surface effects or finishes
Special designs or pictures

Subsection: PAPER


Fibrous raw materials or their mechanical treatment
Pretreatment of the finely-divided materials before digesting
Regeneration of pulp liquors
Pulping cellulose-containing materials
Other processes for obtaining cellulose, e.g. cooking cotton linters
After-treatment of cellulose pulp, e.g. of wood pulp, or cotton linters
Treatment of the materials before passing to the paper-making machine
Wet end of machines for making continuous webs of paper
Processes for making continuous lengths of paper, or of cardboard, or of wet web for fibreboard production, on paper-making machines
Press section of machines for making continuous webs of paper
Dryer section of machines for making continuous webs of paper
Other details of machines for making continuous webs of paper
Complete machines for making continuous webs of paper
Calenders; Accessories for paper-making machines
Pulp or paper, comprising cellulose or lignocellulose fibres of natural origin only
Pulp or paper, comprising synthetic cellulose or non-cellulose fibres or web-forming material
Pulp or paper, comprising fibres or web-forming material characterised by features other than their chemical constitution
Non-fibrous material added to the pulp, characterised by its constitution
Processes or apparatus for adding material to the pulp or to the paper
After-treatment of paper
Special paper not otherwise provided for, e.g. made by multi-step processes
Fibreboard; Manufacture of articles from cellulosic fibrous suspensions or from papierm ch