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Metal rolling methods or mills for making semi-finished products of solid or profiled cross-section
Metal-rolling stands
Arrangements for performing additional metal-working operations specially combined with or arranged in, or specially adapted for use in connection with, metal-rolling mills
Tube-rolling by rollers of which the axes are arranged essentially perpendicular to the axis of the work, e.g. "axial" tube-rolling
Tube-rolling by rollers arranged outside the work and having their axes not perpendicular to the axis of the work
Rolling materials of special alloys so far as the composition of the alloy requires or permits special rolling methods or sequences
Rolling stand structures
Drives for metal-rolling mills
Control devices or methods specially adapted for metal-rolling mills or the work produced thereby
Methods or devices for measuring specially adapted for metal-rolling mills, e.g. position detection, inspection of the product
Arrangements for moving, supporting, or positioning work, or controlling its movement, combined with or arranged in, or specially adapted for use in connection with, metal-rolling mills
Devices for surface treatment of work, specially combined with or arranged in, or specially adapted for use in connection with, metal-rolling mills
Manufacture of metal sheets, metal wire, metal rods, metal tubes by drawing
Extruding metal
Profiling tools for metal extruding
Profiling tools for metal drawing
Manufacture of metal sheets, bars, wire, tubes or like semi-manufactured products, not otherwise provided for
Winding-up, coiling or winding-off metal wire, metal band or other flexible metal material characterised by features relevant to metal processing only
Measuring, gauging, indicating, counting, or marking devices specially adapted for use in the production or manipulation of material in accordance with subclasses B21B-B21F
Straightening, restoring form or removing local distortions of sheet metal or specific articles made therefrom
Bending not restricted to forms of material mentioned in only one of groups B21D 5/00, B21D 7/00, B21D 9/00
Corrugating sheet metal, rods or profiles
Forming single grooves in sheet metal or tubular or hollow articles
Flanging or other edge treatment, e.g. of tubes
Shaping without cutting, by stamping, spinning, or deep-drawing
Special deep-drawing arrangements in, or in connection with, presses
Shaping without cutting otherwise than using rigid devices or tools or yieldable or resilient pads
Shaping by press-cutting
Straightening or restoring form of metal rods, metal tubes, metal profiles, or specific articles made therefrom, whether or not in combination with sheet metal parts
Other methods for working sheet metal, metal tubes, metal profiles
Tools as parts of machines covered by this subclass
Application of procedures in order to connect objects or parts, e.g. coating with sheet metal otherwise than by plating
Application of procedures in order to alter the diameter of tube ends
Feeding, positioning or storing devices combined with, or arranged in, or specially adapted for use in connection with, apparatus for working or processing sheet metal, metal tubes or metal profiles
Making rigid structural elements or units, e.g. honeycomb structures
Bending sheet metal along straight lines, e.g. to form simple curves
Making hollow objects
Making other particular articles
Bending rods, profiles, or tubes
Bending tubes using mandrels or the like
Working or processing of wire
Making needles, pins, or nails
Making particular metal objects by rolling, e.g. screws, wheels, rings, barrels, balls
Forging; Hammering; Pressing; Riveting; Forge furnaces
Making forged or pressed products, e.g. horseshoes, rivets, bolts, wheels
Making chains