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Japanese Patent JP2000500479
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PCT No. PCT/FR96/01847 Sec. 371 Date May 19, 1998 Sec. 102(e) Date May 19, 1998 PCT Filed Nov. 21, 1996 PCT Pub. No. WO97/19063 PCT Pub. Date May 29, 1997Compounds of formula (I), wherein R1 is fluorine, hydroxy, (C1-5) alkoxy, (C1-5) alkylthio, hydroxy(C1-5)alkoxy, a -NR10R11, group, cyano, (C1-5) alkyl-sulphonyl or (C1-5) alkylsulphinyl; R2 and R3 are each (C,4) alkyl or, taken together with the nitrogen atom to which they are attached, form a saturated or unsaturated 5- to 10-membered heterocyclic radical optionally substituted one or more times by (C1-3) alkyl or (C1-3) alkoxy; each of R4, R5, R6, R7, R8 and R9 is independently hydrogen, halogen or trifluoromethyl, and when R1 is fluorine, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8 and/or R9 may also be fluoromethyl; with the proviso that at least one of substituents R4 or R7. is other than hydrogen; each of R10 and R11 is independently hydrogen or (C1-5) alkyl, or R10 and R11, taken together with the nitrogen atom to which they are attached, form a heterocyclic radical selected from pyrrolidin-1-yl, piperidin-1-yl, morpholin-4-yl or piperazin-1-yl optionally substituted by (C1-4) alkyl; a method for preparing same, and pharmaceutical compositions containing said compounds, are disclosed. Said compounds have very high affinity for central cannabinoid receptors.

Baltic, francis
Congie, christian
Martinez, Serge
Rinaldi, Muriel
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January 18, 2000
Filing Date:
November 21, 1996
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A61K31/00; A61K31/415; A61K31/445; A61K31/4453; A61P25/00; A61P43/00; C07D231/14; (IPC1-7): C07D231/14; A61P25/00; A61P43/00; A61K31/415; A61K31/4453
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Aoyama Ryo (1 person outside)