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Japanese Patent JP2000500481
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Compounds of formula I wherein Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 have any of the meanings given in the specification, their N-oxides, and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts are nonpeptide antagonists Substance P and NKA, useful for the treatment of asthma, etc. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions, processes for preparing the compounds of formula I and intermediates.

Bernstein, Peter Robert
Debowski, Bruce Thomas
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Publication Date:
January 18, 2000
Filing Date:
November 15, 1996
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Geneca Limited
International Classes:
A61K31/00; A61K31/4427; A61K31/445; A61K31/4465; A61K31/4468; A61K31/45; A61K31/451; A61K31/4523; A61K31/505; A61K31/506; A61P11/00; A61P11/06; A61P43/00; C07D211/46; C07D211/52; C07D211/58; C07D211/24; C07D211/62; C07D211/66; C07D211/76; C07D401/04; (IPC1-7): C07D211/24; A61P11/06; A61P43/00; A61K31/445; A61K31/4468; A61K31/45; A61K31/451; A61K31/4523; A61K31/506; C07D211/46; C07D211/52; C07D211/58; C07D211/62; C07D211/66; C07D211/76; C07D401/04
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Kato Minoru