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Japanese Patent JP2000508888
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The present invention discloses a microbial polyunsaturated (PUFA)-containing oil with a high triglyceride content and a high oxidative stability. In addition, a method is described for the recovery of such oil from a microbial biomass derived from a pasteurised fermentation broth, wherein the microbial biomass is subjected to extrusion to form granular particles, dried and the oil then extracted from the dried granules using an appropriate solvent.

Veil, Hendrik Loei
Wolf, Johannes Hendrik
Sharp, albert
Vissel, Johannes Martinus Jacobs
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Publication Date:
July 18, 2000
Filing Date:
March 21, 1997
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Histo-Brocades Besloten Fennaught Shap
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A23D9/00; A23D9/02; A23K1/16; A23L1/28; A23L1/30; A23L33/00; A23L33/15; A61K8/30; A61K8/36; A61K8/37; A61K8/67; A61K8/92; A61K8/97; A61K8/99; A61Q19/00; C07C51/47; C11B1/02; C11B1/10; C11C3/00; C12N1/00; C12N1/12; C12N1/14; C12P7/6472; C12P17/06; C12P19/42; C12P23/00; C12R1/645; C12R1/89; (IPC1-7): C12P7/64; A23D9/00; A23D9/02; C11B1/10; C11C3/00; C12N1/12; C12N1/14
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Aoyama Ryo (2 outside people)