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Japanese Patent JP2000510196
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Wrought copper cathode starting sheets for use in the electrolytic production of copper made preferably by a continuous casting and rolling process are provided. Refined copper is melted in a shaft furnace and continuously cast preferably using a twin belt horizontal caster and straight line rolled to reduce the thickness of the casting by about 25% to 98% to produce a sheet having a thickness up to about 0.123 inch. The continuous sheet is cut after the rolling process from uncoiled sheet into discrete rectangular shapes suitable for use as a starting sheet, as a starting sheet blank or other metal sheet uses such as cladding and roofing.

ディボード、メルビン ジー
テイラート、ハリー イー
オースレイ、マイケル ディ
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Publication Date:
August 08, 2000
Filing Date:
April 22, 1997
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アサルコ インコーポレーテッド
International Classes:
B22D11/06; B22D11/12; B22D11/128; C25B11/02; B22D11/00; C25C1/12; C25C7/02; (IPC1-7): C25B11/02; B22D11/00; B22D11/12; B22D11/128
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下坂 スミ子