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Japanese Patent JP2001500579
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The invention concerns a method for drying a surface-treated paper web or equivalent in an after-dryer of a paper machine, in which method the paper web (W) is first finished in a finishing section, in which finishing section the paper web (W) is surface-sized or coated by means of a finishing device (10), after which the paper web (W) is dried. In the after-dryer the paper web (W) is dried in a dryer group/groups making use of a normal single-wire draw, and, in connection with or after the drying, the paper web (W) is treated by means of a device/devices (192, 191, 201, 202) in order to compensate for a tendency of curling of the paper web (W). Further, the invention concerns an after-dryer for a paper machine for applying the method to the drying of a surface-treated paper web or equivalent, which after-dryer is placed after the finishing device (10), by means of which finishing device (10) the paper web (W) is surface-sized or coated. The after-dryer comprises at least one dryer group that applies a normal single-wire draw so as to dry the paper web (W) and a device/devices (191, 192, 201, 202) for compensating for a tendency of curling of the paper web (W).

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Publication Date:
January 16, 2001
Filing Date:
September 09, 1997
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バルメット コーポレイション
International Classes:
D21F5/04; D21G9/00; (IPC1-7): D21F5/04
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香取 孝雄