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Japanese Patent JP2001501095
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Chew toys (10) for domestic carnivorous animals having rawhide (11) and jerky sheets or members (12). The jerky sheets (12) are wrapped in a rawhide sheet (11) by either rolling or folding. This provides an outer layer (18) of rawhide containing jerky therein. A seam (19) is created in rawhide outer layer (18) by the rolling or folding of the rawhide sheet (11). The jerky (12) preferably extends through this seam (19) to provide an initial attractive odor and taste for the dog and provide an immediate starting point for chewing. The benefits of the jerky (12) and the rawhide are maximised throughout the entire chewing process of the chew toy (10). Dogs are highly attracted to the scent and taste of jerky (12), which causes the dog to chew on the rawhide (11) for extended periods of time. This better satisfies the dog's instinctive urge to chew, channeling it in a healthy direction, while simultaneously reducing the tartar on their teeth. The jerky (12) is positioned with respect to the rawhide (11) to enable the odor and taste sensations of the jerky (12) to always be present and fresh to the dog.

Cheryl, Les Earle
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Publication Date:
January 30, 2001
Filing Date:
September 25, 1997
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Cheryl, Les Earle
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A01K29/00; A01K11/00; A01K15/02; (IPC1-7): A01K29/00
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Takehiko Suzue (4 outside)