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Japanese Patent JP2001502144
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The invention concerns a radio receiver (1), preferably a car radio, which is used for housing a radiotelephone appliance (10), preferably taking the form of a radiotelephone. The radio receiver (1) comprises a keyboard (35) and a mounting (5) for holding the radiotelephone appliance (10). The mounting (5) comprises a charging system (15) for charging a battery (20) of the radiotelephone appliance (10). Commands to the radio receiver (1) can be input via the keyboard (35). The mounting (5) has an interface (40) which transfers the input commands to the radiotelephone appliance (10).

Norbert michalek
Application Number:
Publication Date:
February 13, 2001
Filing Date:
September 25, 1997
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Robert Botschyu Gezershyaft Mitt Bethile Renktel Haftung
International Classes:
H04B1/08; H04B1/38; H04B1/3805; H04B1/3877; H04B1/401; (IPC1-7): H04B1/38; H04B1/08
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Toshio Yano (3 outside)