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Japanese Patent JP2001504174
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Starch is added to the thinstock in a papermaking process in the form of a coagulated slurry containing undissolved starch particles, cationic polymeric flocculant and anionic microparticulate network agglomeration aid, such as bentonite. The flocculant and agglomeration aid interact to give network flocculation in which the starch particles are trapped. Improved retention of the starch in the resulting paper is achieved.

Greenwood, Graham
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Publication Date:
March 27, 2001
Filing Date:
March 11, 1997
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Ciba Specialty Chemicals Water Treatment Limited
International Classes:
D21H17/28; D21H17/42; D21H23/02; D21H23/14; F02C7/045; F02C7/24; F16B5/01; G10K11/172; D21H17/68; D21H27/10; (IPC1-7): D21H17/28; D21H23/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Hajime Tsukuni (1 person outside)