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Japanese Patent JP2001508771
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The invention relates to an ionic conjugate, which is stable in a biological medium, and which is comprised of a particle vector with at least one cationic, nonliquid, hydrophilic nucleus and of polyanionic oligonucleotides. The invention further concerns the pharmaceutical compositions containing these conjugates and the use of a particle vector to carry the oligonucleotides to the cells.

Vetivede Didier
Club Tobrogel
Domiguel inacio
CHISO Sophie
Pubco Pamela
Jarvis tail
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Publication Date:
July 03, 2001
Filing Date:
December 17, 1997
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Bio Vector Therapeutics SA
International Classes:
A61K9/51; A61K47/48; C12N15/88; C12N15/09; (IPC1-7): A61K47/48; A61K9/51; C12N15/09
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Shogo Onishi