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Japanese Patent JP2001508772
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A subject of the present invention is a process for the reduction of a carbonyl compound. More precisely, the invention relates to a process for reduction of an aldehyde and/or of a ketone. The reduction process of the invention, which consists of reacting a carbonyl compound with an alcohol in the presence of a zeolite catalyst, is characterized by the fact that it comprises: mixing, in any manner whatever, the carbonyl compound and the alcohol, passing said mixture over a catalyst bed containing at least one zeolite, subjecting the reaction mixture leaving the catalyst bed to recirculation over the catalyst bed, for a number of times that is sufficient to obtain the desired degree of conversion of the substrate.

Jiako, Loran
Spaniel, missiel
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Publication Date:
July 03, 2001
Filing Date:
January 06, 1998
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Rodia Simi
International Classes:
B01J29/08; B01J29/70; C07B41/02; C07B61/00; C07C29/143; C07C35/08; (IPC1-7): C07B41/02; B01J29/08; C07C35/08
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Yoshio Kawaguchi (2 outside)