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Japanese Patent JP2001508774
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This invention relates to a process for preparing a hapten-protein-polysaccharide conjugate and a hapten-protein conjugate by reacting a protein with a hapten to produce a hapten-protein conjugate, followed by reacting the hapten-protein conjugate with a polysaccharide to provide a conjugate mixture including the hapten-protein conjugate and a hapten-protein-polysaccharide conjugate. This invention also includes the process described above with the addition of a pharmaceutically acceptable medium or delivery vehicle into the conjugate mixture. The invention further includes the process described above where the hapten is luteinizing hormone releasing hormone peptides derived from E coil, or malaria derived peptides.

Leeds, Andrew
Mondo, James, J.
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Publication Date:
July 03, 2001
Filing Date:
January 07, 1998
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Leeds, Andrew
Mondo, James, J.
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A61K31/00; A61K38/04; A61K39/00; A61K38/00; A61K39/385; A61K47/48; A61P37/04; C07K17/10; C12P21/08; (IPC1-7): C07K17/10
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Yusuke Hiraki (1 person outside)