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Japanese Patent JP2001509728
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An artificial eddy cascade structure, useful as a fluid input and/or fluid collection device with respect to a contained volume of fluid, is provided as a fractal construct of recursively smaller fluid conduits of recursively greater number, whose terminal points fill the contained volume with a high degree of density. The cascade structure functions as an alternative to, or avoidance of, the inter-fluid turbulence normally associated with fluid transport, mixing, distribution and collection operations.

キアニー、マイケル エム.
Application Number:
Publication Date:
July 24, 2001
Filing Date:
September 29, 1997
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アマルガメイテッド リサーチ インコーポレイテッド
International Classes:
B01F5/00; B01F3/08; B01F5/06; (IPC1-7): B01F5/00; B01F3/08; B01F5/06
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恩田 博宣