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Japanese Patent JP2001510550
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A method for the active damping of combustion oscillation in a combustion chamber uses at least two actuating members. Control of the actuating members necessitates measurement of the combustion oscillation at fewer points than there are actuating members. That is achieved, in particular, by utilizing the symmetry of natural acoustic oscillation in the combustion chamber. A combustion apparatus is also provided.

Hermann, Jacob
Hanchuk, Karl-Christian
Tangle, Peter
Fault meyer, dieter
Altman, Armin
Application Number:
Publication Date:
July 31, 2001
Filing Date:
January 23, 1998
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Siemens Actien Gezershaft
International Classes:
F23M20/00; F23M99/00; F23N5/16; F23R3/00; (IPC1-7): F23N5/16
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Iwao Yamaguchi